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Kurt Cobain’s Ugly Daughter of the Day

Here is the answer why Kurt Cobain blew his fucking head off. It had nothing to do with manic depression or drugs or even being murdered by Courtney Love, it was all anticipatory stress of what his kid would look like when she grew up, because he could tell, even when she was a baby that she had features any parent would try to ignore, but feel guilty for bringing into the world, like how Bruce and Demi Moore feel about Rumer. I guess she’s not that bad, because no one is as bad as Rumer Willis but knowing she crawled out of Courtney Love’s rancid dying pussy and still has remnants of it on her face and that is disgusting, unless you like rancid dying pussy, which I assume you do because you like any pussy, in which case, these pics are for you….they are also for diehard Kurt Cobain fans who think anything Kurt Cobain is quality and something they want to get with, touch or be around..because he’s the kind of dead musician people are insane about…and I guess that’s the only reason this twat gets any dick…

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