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Ron Howard’s Daughter is Boring of the Day

I have done some research and it turns out that a pussy can not be any more boring than whatever the fuck is going on with Ron Howard’s daughter in these pictures. Seriously, this is less arrousing than watching a group of Amish women cross the fucking street with their cow and cart, because at least I know Amish chicks with the right lines, totally suck dick in the barn in exchange for portable DVD players and ipods, cuz no one in America, no matter how hard they try can actually live a life without knowing even the littlest thing about what’s going on in popculture and if they do, the government should intervene because that kind of oppressive shit is serious abusive, but not as abusive as trying to jerk off to Ron Howard’s daughter, seriously, I think lookin’ at pics of her dad in Happy Days would get me fucking harder…..

On a sidenote she was on The View today crying about her post partum depression, like some kind of annoying rich girl who thinks life is so hard for her, and has the luxury of taking off work she got cuz her dad is Ron Howard, to sit in one of his many country houses and take a little time to herself to get back on her whiny rich kid feet, while other women who have post partum depression are actually fucking suffering while struggling to pay for baby formula, you entitled fucking cunt.

Redeem yourself and show us your BOOTY or some red haired pussy like in this clip from a black on redhead movie called “Manderlay” where she is rumored to have actually fucked on set, cuz she’s that committed to acting, or because she figured it would be the only time her racist family accept her taking black cock, but what do I know….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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David Hasselhoff the Drunk Does Incest of the Day

Like all drunks, David Hasselhoff has taken a real liking to his daughter. Not only is his judgement clouded and the idea of what is right and wrong has been replaced with doing what makes him feel good without really caring about how this is going to fuck up his daughter 10 years down the road when she realizes that fucking her broken daddy won’t fix her broken daddy and if anything it’s really disturbed and will just catch up with her after he dies of alcoholism and she gets married and has kids and when her husband asks for anal, all those dirty memories will come rushing back, making her drink to forge, ruining her marriage and talking about it 2 years after rehab when she tries to get her life together on whatever the fuck replaces Oprah’s show…..

Pics via Fame

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Kurt Cobain’s Ugly Daughter of the Day

Here is the answer why Kurt Cobain blew his fucking head off. It had nothing to do with manic depression or drugs or even being murdered by Courtney Love, it was all anticipatory stress of what his kid would look like when she grew up, because he could tell, even when she was a baby that she had features any parent would try to ignore, but feel guilty for bringing into the world, like how Bruce and Demi Moore feel about Rumer. I guess she’s not that bad, because no one is as bad as Rumer Willis but knowing she crawled out of Courtney Love’s rancid dying pussy and still has remnants of it on her face and that is disgusting, unless you like rancid dying pussy, which I assume you do because you like any pussy, in which case, these pics are for you….they are also for diehard Kurt Cobain fans who think anything Kurt Cobain is quality and something they want to get with, touch or be around..because he’s the kind of dead musician people are insane about…and I guess that’s the only reason this twat gets any dick…

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Chris de Burgh’s Daughter is in Red of the Day

I have a borderline hatred for Chris de Burgh. He didn’t do anything specifically to piss me off, but in 1988, I spend a weeek at a resort with a girl I was seeing. She was pretty much my high school sweetheart, even though I dropped out of high school, you know first that only true love bullshit, because since her girls haven’t been virgins or loyal or really even all that fun to be around or into me.

Anyway, we were both 18 or 19 at the time, and they had this lobby bar piano player who only knew the song “Lady in Red” and played that shit on fuckin repeat. Everytime my girl would walk by he’d sing a little louder and by day 5 of this “Lady in Red” shit I was starting to get mad, so I decided to do a day trip down doing some activity by the beach and she asked to stay behind to tan and read her book or some shit, which I though was weird, but not as weird as when I got back to the room and motherfucker was slamming my chick from behind.

So since then, “Lady in Red” has brought up some serious anger issues, ones that will only be heeled by hate fucking Rosana Davison, Chris De Burgh’s daughter and former Miss Universe, in my kind of “gettin’ even” strategy.

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Billy Bob Thorton’s Daughter is a Baby Killer of the Day

So Billy Bob was a lady killer and now his daughter is a baby killer….

Amanda Brumfield, the daughter of musician Billy Bob Thornton, has been charged with child neglect after a one-year-old girl died while in her care. The 29-year-old was babysitting the child in Ocoee, Florida, in October, 2008, when the tragedy happened. Brumfield allegedly waited two and a half hours before calling an ambulance after the baby fell and hit her head. The child suffered a fractured skull and died. Brumfield who is reportedly estranged from her famous father, was being held in police custody.

Time to start scoping out those inmate penpal sites, cuz when this bitch gets out, she’ll be a keeper, you know since she stands to inherit Billy Bob money and will be all broken down emotionally from carrying the guilt of baby killing around, that you’ll pretty much be able to take advantage of her.

I guess this is just another example of daddy issues, you know having a dad who neglects you your entire life because he doesn’t even remember fucking your groupie mother, so you try to get attention killin’ babies.

Such a typical story, only usually it involves pornstars and strippers and prositutes, so I guess this Amanda bitch is just keepin’ things cutting edge.

Now, back to the pussy.

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David Hasselhoff’s Abortion Clinic Survivors of the Day

The reason I never had kids was this fear that they’d be ugly. I know every once in a while ugly people have good lookin’ babies, in some sort of Karma for always feeling like shit about yourself, and allowing you to feel proud of something, by having the prettiest girl in the school, but Karma’s never been too good to me, leading me to believe I’d end up with some kind of legless mutand that I’d be forced to drag around down, so that everyone would look at me and laugh, since they don’t do that enough already. It

Based on these pictures, maybe David Hasselhoff shoulda had the same intuition as I did, because damn, these girls belong back in the abortion clinic dumpster, the home they never got to visit because some asshole decided to let his wife keep them and take them away from a much better fate.

I like that dis, I’m gonna shape the delivery on it a little better and use it daily. Amazing that I’ve still got it in me….

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Mick Jagger’s Daughter Scares Me of the Day

This is Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall’s daughter Georgia May Ayeesha Jagger, she is 17 and you’d think too young to be a jacked on coke/heroin hipster fashionista slut, but I guess when you’ve got a trust fund, you’re never too young to go to fashion shows, dress in designer clothes unshowered and lookin’ like a fucking monster, I bet she has her own artist loft and has had anal sex at least twice.

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Christie Brinkley’s Daughter Depresses Me of the Day

I grew up jerking off to Christie Brinkley’s modeling pics, it was the 80s, I was a virile young man who hadn’t found the value in cheap hookers and together we had a pretty wholesome coming of age relationship. She was with me the first time I ever stuck anything in my ass to heighten orgasm, she was with me when I jerked off in the school bathroom, she was with me when I asphyxiated myself with my belt the first time, she was with me the first time I fucked an inanimate object and with me the for the first 20 or 30 times I fucked ugly chicks.

I remember staring to hate her when she married Billy Joel. I remember hating her more when she got pregnant with him and I remember being excited when I found it was a girl 13 years younger than me, thinking that by the time she was 18, we could maybe fuck. Then I forgot about the whole thing, I turned 16, I got my driver’s license, I got on with life and I couldn’t be bothered remember Brinkley or any other model or celebrity, I was too into living and by living I mean slowly killing myself.

When I came across these pictures of Alexa Ray Joel last night, I didn’t believe it. Christie Brinkley was a blonde goddess, not some hooked nose rat, I guess Billy’s seed is strong, or should I say Billy JEW’s seed is strong….

I was reminded of those years, the hope, the memories, the good times, but horribly faced with the reality that Alexa Ray Brinkley is no Christie. I guess it only makes sense since my life is filled with disappointment.

Here are her pics in some stupid outfit from the other day….

It turns out the as nepotism does, she’s a recording artist, because modeling wasn’t really an option an here is a boring perfomance video….I have no idea how a 20 year old would get into this kind of music…I am posting it because she’s disappoints me.

Here’s Her Myspace….

That said, I’d still fuck her, just to get a chance to accidentally walk in on her mom in the bathroom, or sleeping, or some shit. And I feel for her, because it must suck to live a life in your mother’s shadow. All she can do is blame Billy.

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Mother Teaching Her Daughter To Dance on the Stripper Pole….of the Day

Remember a time mother’s would teach their daughter’s the simple things in life. How to sew, how to bake, how to do the dishes, how to do laundry, how to service her man. Then mother’s taught their daughter to hate men, to be independent, to get jobs and to study hard, and now we’re reverting back to the good old days, of pleasing your man, only without the whole taking care of the house bullshit, because that’s not how gold diggin’ hoes work and that’s not how whore mother’s slut pass on the getting naked for money cuz it’s an easy way to find a rich husband life lessons. This video is disturbing.

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Mick Jagger’s Daughter Georgia May in a Bikini of the Day

Her name is Georgia May and she’s Mick Jagger’s 16 or 17 year old daughter with Jerry Hall. She’s a model and here she is in her bikini on vacation with her boyfriend, something I suggest all 16 or 17 year old’s do without their parent’s supervision because it makes teenage pregnancy that much more possible and I fucking love teenage pregnancy, almost as much as I love hangin outside abortion clinics to pretend I am pro-life just to help add guilty feelings to young sluts at an impressionable guilt ridden time. It’s my part in making the world a better place.

The truth is that rich kids grow up faster than middle class kids, they are on their own while their parents are out doing rich people things, they are raised by their nannies that they don’t really feel any major responsibility to, and they are given lots of money to shut them up, keep them occupied and fund all their cries for attention like running away from home, drug addiction and sympathising with kidnappers. That’s why most rich girls have vaginas of 47 year old prostitutes by the time they are 15 and you’ll know that I am right the second that Miley Cyrus sex tape hits and that I don’t post because it’s not worth going to jail again.

Either way, here is Georgia May in all her youthful fertility and experimental sex drive on the beach in a bikini when her parents are no where to be found…..

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Vanessa Williams has a Jewish Daughter with Fat Tits of the Day

Vanessa Williams had Jewish babies in the ’80s, or what I assume are Jewish babies because they were with her manager, and not only is being a manager is a Jew thing but the name Hervey screams Jew. If you’re wondering why a Jew wanted a hot half black Miss America chick who who was also in Playboy, it was because he had been raised surrounded by mutant jewish girls his parents encouraged him to marry for tradition his entire life, but who’s penis strayed from tradition and into this vagina because it was just too tempting, in all fairness to Hervey, when you spend your life banging Jewish girls to make your mom happy, a bowl of hamburger meat looks like a hot fuck, so Vanessa Williams was a solid step up from that and the real exciting thing for him is that she made him 5% of her earnings which is like spanish fly to a Jew.

They are divorced now, but they have Jewish daughters, but not the dog faced kind, tthe good kind who have some new genes from all their friends because daddy didn’t inbreed.

Here is my evidence for the day that Jewish girls are dog faced and droopy lookin’ despite all the hateful protest my Jewish readers are sending me. If Jewish girls were so hot, why would Hervey go black, and do you really think if he did stick with Jew pussy that his kids would look this good? Start sending me hot pics of pure Jewish girls to prove me wrong, becuase until you do, I am stickin’ to my stance.

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