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Ron Howard’s Daughter is Boring of the Day

I have done some research and it turns out that a pussy can not be any more boring than whatever the fuck is going on with Ron Howard’s daughter in these pictures. Seriously, this is less arrousing than watching a group of Amish women cross the fucking street with their cow and cart, because at least I know Amish chicks with the right lines, totally suck dick in the barn in exchange for portable DVD players and ipods, cuz no one in America, no matter how hard they try can actually live a life without knowing even the littlest thing about what’s going on in popculture and if they do, the government should intervene because that kind of oppressive shit is serious abusive, but not as abusive as trying to jerk off to Ron Howard’s daughter, seriously, I think lookin’ at pics of her dad in Happy Days would get me fucking harder…..

On a sidenote she was on The View today crying about her post partum depression, like some kind of annoying rich girl who thinks life is so hard for her, and has the luxury of taking off work she got cuz her dad is Ron Howard, to sit in one of his many country houses and take a little time to herself to get back on her whiny rich kid feet, while other women who have post partum depression are actually fucking suffering while struggling to pay for baby formula, you entitled fucking cunt.

Redeem yourself and show us your BOOTY or some red haired pussy like in this clip from a black on redhead movie called “Manderlay” where she is rumored to have actually fucked on set, cuz she’s that committed to acting, or because she figured it would be the only time her racist family accept her taking black cock, but what do I know….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Ron Howard’s Daughter and Her Ass in Tights of the Day

Redheads fascinate me. It’s like I don’t even believe they are actual humans, but are instead some kind of alien sent from another planet to integrate themselves with us to document how we function. I’ve never had sex with a redhead or experienced their firey pubic hair, but part of me really thinks that they don’t even have genitals all they have is super alien strength but that could also come with generations of being ostrocized and picked on for being different, you know freaks who were clearly spawns of Satan.

That said, this bitch is rumored to be from Ron Howard’s womb, made in his hit movie making lab that is his scrotum and her name is Dallas, named after the stripper who Ron Howard was thinking about when cummin’ into his wife, I guess assuming that giving her a stripper name wouldn’t result in her actually becoming a stripper since they are rich, whereas the trailer trash I know who name their daughters Candy and Jasmine are just makin’ shit easier on their kids futures by giving them their stripper name, so as to not have to remember both names cuz that’s hard for a crackhead.

See I don’t know if that joke communicated the way I wanted it to, but I guess it’s a starting point. Rich dudes name their kids stripper names and they become actors because it’s seen as new age while poor people name their kids stripper names and they become the whores their parents hoped they’d become, cuz getting naked is easy and you do it for free so you might as well get paid for it, plus there’s hope you can meet a nice trucker to marry …..

You get what I am saying…and if you don’t…then just look at her fat ass and small titties, if you’re not too disgusted by her hair color…

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