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Sienna Miller Shitty Panty Flash Scares Me of the Day

I am glad that Sienna Miller is wearing panties….Mainly cuz I am convinced this bitch has AIDS….but also because I don’t think she’s all that into hygiene or pussy maintenance cuz she’s some gutter drunk from the UK who fucks a variety of men, married or not, as long as they have a cock, she’s ready invite them in for a cup of tea….I am also kinda freaked out with whatever unstable shit her face is doing in this shit while taking to her sister and some gay dude…but that doesn’t change the fact I do wish that we had a bit of a better angle on this though, cuz seeing a nasty pussy trying to escape her panties to hunt out the next home to wreck, especially when it was one I wanted to fuck back when it was hot, is excitng, while seeing this shit is kinda dull….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Mischa Barton is Scary as Fuck of the Day

Mischa Barton is a fucking wreck. Maybe this is the aftermath of being the second line pussy on some teen TV show that made getting more work impossible after the series fell apart. But I like to think it has to do with being eaten up by the media, leading to her drinking and popping pills to feel good about herself, eventually giving up on showering and caring about herself, leaving her a fat sloppy mess I’m just wating to see overdose, cuz it’s time for another Hollywood suicide…..and looking at her freaky fucking face in a wedding dress is scarier than her breakout role as the dead girl under the bed in the Sixth Sense you all wanted to fuck cuz she was at her hottest, perverts….I feel like we don’t need to do the Deathwatch anymore, she’s already dead on the inside, sure her heart is pumping but there’s no fucking soul behind these glassed over eyes, like a brain dead vegetable in the hospital and I say it is time to pull the fucking plug…..but on the positive side, she’s got pretty rockin’ tits in this wedding dress she’s modeling, reminding me that now is a good time to move in on her because she’s desperate, cuz she’s probably better to fuck than the old ladies I tried to recruit at the old folks home into putting me into her will, and I can only hope there’s at least one opportunist working his way into securing this Mischa Barton as his prime zombie bride, cuz girls who drug up themselves to make bad decisions are better than girls you have to drug to make bad decsions, because you can’t get arrested for the shit…..

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Molly Ringwald and her Boobs Look Horrible of the Day

I’ve seen all the 80s movies and I don’t think Molly Ringwald was ever cast as the hot chick…I doubt guys every had crushes on her…I knew she was the weird awkward looking skinny chick other girls could relate to.

So there was no surprise she’d age horribly, but I didn’t expect her to ever look like this….seriously…this is the kind of girl you put in a rehab center with rapists and sex addicts to turn them asexual….lend her to Tiger Woods for a month and dude will be fine….or the kind of person closet case fags date so that they don’t have to dive into homosexuality but can test the waters thanks to her her broad shoulders and thick back…

She’s doing Yoga, showing off some mom tit, not bothering anyone, so I am an asshole disrupting her quiet life that came when she escaped from Hollywood, one far less morbid than Corey Haim, but I do think people should think about getting her more work…I’m sure tons of movies need someone to play the school janitor….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Mischa Barton…Lookin’ Good Sweetheart of the Day

I don’t really know what’s going on here. We’ve established bitch has given up on life without actually giving up on life and further proof wasn’t really needed to demonstrate how hurting she actually is but I just couldn’t help myself…I guess this is like a goodbye to all the masturbation material she has provided over the years, even though the only scene worth masturbating to over the years was the under the bed as the dead, puke covered girl who fucked with her dad enough to piss off her mom in the Sixth Sense….

Pics via Bauer

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Serena Williams is a Fucking Monster of the Day

Here are some pictures of Serena Williams hanging out with a normal sized person and if you look closely you will realize that Serena Williams is a total fucking monster. That’s all I have to say about that….

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Mick Jagger’s Daughter Scares Me of the Day

This is Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall’s daughter Georgia May Ayeesha Jagger, she is 17 and you’d think too young to be a jacked on coke/heroin hipster fashionista slut, but I guess when you’ve got a trust fund, you’re never too young to go to fashion shows, dress in designer clothes unshowered and lookin’ like a fucking monster, I bet she has her own artist loft and has had anal sex at least twice.

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Tracy Tweed is Fucking Weird Lookin’ of the Day

I love the concept of vanity, you know these sluts who think they are all fucking that because they got a job shooting for Playboy a bunch of years back, or because they escaped their small town and live in Hollywood, the land of opportunity for beautiful people, where they have to keep up appearances otherwise they will be forgotten and outcast from their bullshit community.

So for some reason all these bitches rape their faces with plastic surgery, first with a little nosejob, then with a little eye lift, then with tweaking other shit, because once you start, it’s hard to stop, leaving them lookin’ totally un-fucking-human.

At least when you age gracefully, you don’t scare little kids, I mean, unless you’re a pervert trying to lure them into your kidnapper van, but for the most part, at least you look better than this desperate, holding onto whatever they think they had that they think defines who they are. Fucking disaster.

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A Day With Mary Kate Olsen of the Day

If you wonder what self-made Billionaire Mary Kate Olsen does in a given day, it’s pretty intense, at least it is for me, because I have a hard enough time getting off my couch, but she went from parking garage to car, back to parking garage back to car over and over again and looked like a magical gnome with a heroin addiction while doing it. I feel like if I ran into her on the street, I wouldn’t want to rape her, like I do with most girls I see, I’d be more into following her home in hopes of finding the way into a magical forest. I’m not one of those fantasy RPG virgin motherfuckers, it’s just that watching Mary Kate kinda makes me want to be one, because her mousey scurry creeps me the fuck out and makes me want to quit women, turn asexual and collect action figures and other comic related toys. She’s just that sexy.

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Latoya Jackson’s Lookin’ Pretty Fucking Good of the Day

I know what you’re thinking, and that is that this Jackson sister looks like a fucking monster, something you’d expect to see in a horror movie coming to eat your brains. I guess it’s got something to do with her having had a couple of plastic surgeries and those plastic surgeries slowly falling apart like an old car that was once luxurious, but I’d still stuff her like a turkey, provided she’s still got a vagina, but that’s just because I have a thing for girls who look like they are a fucking corpse.

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Sam Ronson is Watching You of the Day

Halloween was probably about 3 weeks ago, I’m not very good with dates, since everyday is the same hamster wheel for me, but I think it’s time for Samantha Ronson to take her death mask off. I guess it’s the late nights, the drugs and the drinking, the dealing with Lohan’s pussy and spending hours trying to lick it clean, a task even a person with all the stamina in the world would probably burn out from.

I feel sorry for this girl, you know dealing with a cunt like Lohan every fucking day. Child stars aren’t normal humans, they are needy, selfish and fucking dangerously insane, and to get emotionally involved with one, is probably a good way to get dangerously insane by association. You know, always being criticized and in her cunt shadow, and then getting dropped the second she decides she wants cock, which with Lohan, could happen any second, and in the entire mess, you don’t get a chance to enjoy your moment in the limelight, you know getting dolled up and putting make-up on to look your best, instead you get psychological abuse, and a face that looks like HIV ravaged it….because you’re up all night babysitting an unappreciative, overly dramatic peice of shit who takes herself too fucking seriously, is overly intense, and thinks her life is some kind of dramatic series that never got picked up by a studio, and that she’s the fuckin’ star of….if you know what I mean…and the good news is that it always ends in suicide..


Speaking of Suicide – Did You Hear This Story About a Dude Who ODed on Xanax Like He Was Winona Ryder, and He Did it Live on Webcam?

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I am – Teri Hatcher Ruins Halloween of the Day


Teri Hatcher takes halloween to heart and shows up at some kids charity to scare the fuck out of everyone in the fucking place. I don’t think that was her plan but halloween is the time to celebrate death and she’s been doing a lot of celebrating for the last 10 years because bitch looks like fucking death and has for a long time.

I was at some fish market, not because I eat fish but because I like the smell and just can’t get enough of it. The Old Greeks guys who run the place were talking about Desperate Housewives and how much they love it and how they want to bend Eva Longoria and teach her the greek olive oil way. I realized that they would be better bloggers than me and had to leave even though it smelled like heaven and by heaven I mean like some washed up old hooker who had three days of cum still up inside her.

Either way, I like how she smeared her last period before she menopause that she kept in the fridge on her lips as some kind of ceremonial celebration sacrifice.

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