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Tracy Tweed is Fucking Weird Lookin’ of the Day

I love the concept of vanity, you know these sluts who think they are all fucking that because they got a job shooting for Playboy a bunch of years back, or because they escaped their small town and live in Hollywood, the land of opportunity for beautiful people, where they have to keep up appearances otherwise they will be forgotten and outcast from their bullshit community.

So for some reason all these bitches rape their faces with plastic surgery, first with a little nosejob, then with a little eye lift, then with tweaking other shit, because once you start, it’s hard to stop, leaving them lookin’ totally un-fucking-human.

At least when you age gracefully, you don’t scare little kids, I mean, unless you’re a pervert trying to lure them into your kidnapper van, but for the most part, at least you look better than this desperate, holding onto whatever they think they had that they think defines who they are. Fucking disaster.

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