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David Hasselhoff the Drunk Does Incest of the Day

Like all drunks, David Hasselhoff has taken a real liking to his daughter. Not only is his judgement clouded and the idea of what is right and wrong has been replaced with doing what makes him feel good without really caring about how this is going to fuck up his daughter 10 years down the road when she realizes that fucking her broken daddy won’t fix her broken daddy and if anything it’s really disturbed and will just catch up with her after he dies of alcoholism and she gets married and has kids and when her husband asks for anal, all those dirty memories will come rushing back, making her drink to forge, ruining her marriage and talking about it 2 years after rehab when she tries to get her life together on whatever the fuck replaces Oprah’s show…..

Pics via Fame

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  • roscoe

    lazy twat doesn’t even help his daughter carry her futon

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