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Father Fucking Daughter Romantic Incest Story of the Day

When did the bodyguard from Jerry Springer get his own TV show? I think that’s far more ridiculous than the slutty guest on the show talking about how her dad seduced her slut ass on Myspace when she was 16 and how they are now soul mates and in love….they kind of lost credibility when they made out in front of everyone like a performance for attention….in some semi-twisted but have heard these white trash stories before cuz people are fucked up and have been fucking their family members for generations kind of way….and I don’t see a real issue in the whole thing…not because he made that vagina….and has a right to it…and not cuz I think fathers and daughters should fuck…but because it makes for good TV.

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Father of the Day

Here’s some real life Precious shit where dude had 4 babies with his daughter, only this is the white trash version. It involves campers, Oklahoma, hillbilly looking motherfuckers who look like pedophiles, garage burials and the whole thing is so fucking twisted, but in the dad’s defense, white trash like this find it hard to understand basic concepts in life like that just because he made the vagina, doesn’t mean it is his vagina to do what he wants with….it is not part of his redneck American dream along with dragging negroes behind his pick-up truck….these hicks just can’t figure out the basic things like washing, brushing teeth, holding down a job, graduating grade school and the basic functions you think you need to survive in life….They just get hungry and eat, get boners and fuck, get angry at black folk and light crosses on their yards and all the good stuff you only find in America.

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David Hasselhoff the Drunk Does Incest of the Day

Like all drunks, David Hasselhoff has taken a real liking to his daughter. Not only is his judgement clouded and the idea of what is right and wrong has been replaced with doing what makes him feel good without really caring about how this is going to fuck up his daughter 10 years down the road when she realizes that fucking her broken daddy won’t fix her broken daddy and if anything it’s really disturbed and will just catch up with her after he dies of alcoholism and she gets married and has kids and when her husband asks for anal, all those dirty memories will come rushing back, making her drink to forge, ruining her marriage and talking about it 2 years after rehab when she tries to get her life together on whatever the fuck replaces Oprah’s show…..

Pics via Fame

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Some Dude Gets Off Incest, That Lucky Bastard of the Day

So you all know how strongly I feel about incest. You know if there was any cause I’d raise money for it’d be incest, because I feel like if you make ’em, they are yours to do what you want with them.

I just wanted to showcase a leader in our cause, a 93 year old man named Philippe Hamelin, who was convicted for incest and the judge decided was not fit for prison for the crimes he committed, because his daughters turned on him and ratted him out, claiming he ruined their life, when he was probably just trying to show them the ropes, like any father would. Unappreciative assholes.

So the judge said he is already serving a Life Sentence in his body or some shit, which is funny because aren’t we fucking all? I guess he just needed an excuse to not put someone doing a perfectly natural thing away and the whole 93 year old factor was good enough to still look like he’s not advocating sex with his daughter, when everyone knows it’s an outdated law….

I just woke up. Good morning sunshine. Yes, I am talking to you.

Here’s the Story

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Miley Cyrus Gets Fed The Miley Shake By Her Dad and Causes a Riot of the Day

Miley Cyrus launches new shake at Millions of Milkshakes

So it turns out that the Hollywood.tv people who have been delivering FREE celebrity videos the last little while and who I have been stealing videos from to mask as my own content are owned by some rich brown dude from London, who owned a Hollywood style 24 hour Diner that made him enough money to move to LA in hopes of starting one here, but instead got wrapped up in following celebrities around, befriending them and giving them exposure on that youtube site, only to allow him to open up an LA location, but now with high profile appearances an Milkshakes named after them.

This video is of Miley Cyrus trying her milkshake and stirring up a whole lot of chaos, but I think the people aren’t so much excited to see her, but concerned as to why Billy Ray Cyrus is feeding her whip cream like he is her lover and they are the stars of some really bad softcore porn. Keep your penis in your pants Cyrus, you aren’t in whatever hick town you’re from where you think that because you made her, she’s yours to do what you want with….save that erotica for the executives at Disney, at least they’re filling up her bank account everytime they fill up her asshole with their fingers and tongues….you’ve had enough of a free fuckin’ ride motherfucker….now start acting like her fuckin’ father and stop trying to get in her pants…You sick fuck.

I don’t really know what I’m talkin’ about, it happens, pretty much everyday.

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I am – Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carey on the Beach of the Day


Here are some pictures of Hollywood “POWER” Couple, Jim Carey and Jenny McCarthy on the beach holding hands and they freak me the fuck out. These two look like they are brother and sister and I don’t normally have any skills at spotting similarities in people. I am also not very good at remembering names, secret handshakes or anything I do after about 1 drink because I am convinced my liver gave out on me a few years ago and shit goes straight to my head like I was an anorexic 15 year old girl at my first club.

Either way, incest freaks me out so much that I even had a dream, some may call it a fantasy about it the other day. In the dream, I walked in on a brother and sister having sex. I was into watching them fuck at first because I am a voyeur but when I realized that they were two people I knew who were related I freaked the fuck out. When I confronted them they said that their parents were brother and sister and that their grandparents were brother and sister and they were just doing what they knew. It was a weird fucking dream that I have no idea where it came from but it made me stop asking people I know if they would bang their sister. I know talking about dreams is as gay as it gets but when incest is involved I just can’t keep it to myself.

When I was younger I met this dude who used to brag to us about how he took his sister’s cherry. He was kind of an idiot farmer and thought we’d think he was cool but shit was just too twisted for me to grasp. He would tell us that he would sneak into her room at night and have his way with her and she was totally into it. He would brag about how accessible it was and how we were all a bunch of virgin idiots who didn’t know that the prize was so close to home. I never knew what happened to that dude, because he ended up getting caught and sent away so don’t let Jim Carey and Jenny McCarthy trick you into thinking this shit’s ok just because they are famous, how big her tits are or no matter how much you think that you’re the hottest thing out there and the only thing good enough for you is a bitch who looks like you….and remember no matter how long your hair is and no matter how many punk rock t-shirts you wear, you’re never hardcore when wearing schpants….

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