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Miley Cyrus Gets Fed The Miley Shake By Her Dad and Causes a Riot of the Day

Miley Cyrus launches new shake at Millions of Milkshakes

So it turns out that the Hollywood.tv people who have been delivering FREE celebrity videos the last little while and who I have been stealing videos from to mask as my own content are owned by some rich brown dude from London, who owned a Hollywood style 24 hour Diner that made him enough money to move to LA in hopes of starting one here, but instead got wrapped up in following celebrities around, befriending them and giving them exposure on that youtube site, only to allow him to open up an LA location, but now with high profile appearances an Milkshakes named after them.

This video is of Miley Cyrus trying her milkshake and stirring up a whole lot of chaos, but I think the people aren’t so much excited to see her, but concerned as to why Billy Ray Cyrus is feeding her whip cream like he is her lover and they are the stars of some really bad softcore porn. Keep your penis in your pants Cyrus, you aren’t in whatever hick town you’re from where you think that because you made her, she’s yours to do what you want with….save that erotica for the executives at Disney, at least they’re filling up her bank account everytime they fill up her asshole with their fingers and tongues….you’ve had enough of a free fuckin’ ride motherfucker….now start acting like her fuckin’ father and stop trying to get in her pants…You sick fuck.

I don’t really know what I’m talkin’ about, it happens, pretty much everyday.

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