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Lara Stone and Freja Beha Erichsen for Vogue Italy of the Day



Here’s some pretentious, cinematic, artistic, and mosst importantly annoying lesbian fairy nymph silliness for a fashion magazine….

The “top models they used for the shoot are Lara Stone and Freja Beha Erichsen and I guess they are “collaborators”….because they did a lesbian shoot before – a little romance novel with the same photographer Peter Lindberg – for W magazine over 7 months ago…

But maybe, W magazine didn’t want the nipple video, and Vogue Italy was the only one who would take it….

It’s dramatic, it’s silly, but there are nipples, and Lara Stone, despite hating me and trying to sue me, has great tits….

This is from May, I probably already posted it…who knows…but more importatnly…who cares..

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Freja Beha Erichsen Naked for Some Campaign of the Day

Danish 23 year old model named Freja Beha Erichsen…I’ve only written about her once and I facebook liked it ….

Here she is posing nude in some campaign for some company…and sure you can’t see her pussy…but you gotta appreciate the fact that fashion is showcasing product by posing naked hot bitches next to the shit strategically…I figure it’s a step closer to companies paying bitches to insert their products in vagina, I’m talking sticking out like turtling a shit turd, cuz they figure that’s a back drop we’ll all be interested in seeing….this is progress motherfuckers…

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Freja Beha Erichsen Does Vogue Paris of the Day

I’ve never heard of this model, but it is safe to say she’s another tall skinny bitch from another country who has some bullshit story about being picked up on the street, in a grocery store, at a movie theater, in a cab by some exclusive model agent who sky rocketed her into the American modeling scene where she has a NYC loft, makes 100,000 dollars a shoot, and who all the designers and companies want to work with cuz she’s the it thing…

But I do know she’s showing some nipple in this Terry Richardson shoot for Vogue Paris, that’s a little more interesting that his recent shit, I mean other than his Glee shoot, which made a couple haggard twats with manly faces look like they were worth fucking, but his other shit’s just fuckin’ sucked.

So it’s nice to see a little more sleaze in fashion where it belongs.

So here’s this bitch Freja and her nipples.

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