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Shakira Does the Gala Awards in a Repeat Outfit of the Day

Shakira needs to invest a little of her Columbian coke money into her costume department. She’s been wearing this discoball tight dress too fucking much and I know hookers, like real low level hookers who don’t have a home who have more outfits than this and wouldn’t be caught dead wearing the same dress every fucking day, unfortunatley for their John’s panties are a whole other story for them though….but that’s not the point, the point is that I’m tired of lookin up her skirt to see a metalic pair of American Apparel shorts like I was at a 16 year old Halloween party, when the girls are dipping their toes into being total whores, but aren’t fully prepared to take the plunge into letting random men see their bare or thonged ass, making this whole outfit a fucking fail on all fucking levels….and here are the pics for you to live out the disappointment of this gutter repeatitive trash with me.

Pics via Fame

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