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Gary Busey is Cool Fuckin’ Shit of the Day

Gary Busey is pretty funny and doesn’t really take shit from anyone. This is a video of him freaking out about Paris Hilton being a piece of shit at some 11 year old girl interviewing him. I guess he doesn’t realize that this isn’t a movie set, or maybe that she’s not an adult or maybe he knows that 11 year olds are just scheming little pricks with no sense of what is morally right or wrong, they are just lookin’ for a laugh. Sure, they’ve got their cute pigtails and little innocent smiles on their cute little faces while singing and dancing to a Miley Cyrus song to their stuffed animals on the surface, but you know they are smarter than that and are plotting ways to humiliate you in front of your friends at a dinner party by telling everyone you touched her inappropriately, because she saw it on TV and thought it would be funny to recreate in real life, leading to you getting arrested and losing your life as you knew it when you never even did anything wrong, girl just thinks life is a fuckin’ movie.

It looks like Gary Busey is lost on the movie set too and everyone makes fun of Busey for being insane, but whatever he’s on, it looks like a good time. I read he got brain damage in a motorcycle accident and that’s too bad because it’s not an easy high too simulate and the last time I tried, I lost function of my bowels. It smells a lot worse than freakin’ out at 11 year old troublemakers.

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