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Gavin Rossdale’s Daughter is Nude of the Day

Daisy Lowe is a funny rich kid story. She is 19, her mother is some slut who was married to some guy and her god father was Gavin Rossdale from the band Bush, who is married to Gwen Stefani. She was under the impression that her father was her mom’s husband, something that most kids would naturally think, but when she was older, after some paternity tests were issued, it turned out that Gavin Rossdale was her dad.

I guess that is some soap opera worthy rich kid daddy issues, that would lead a girl into the drug, party life as she’s fed money from the dad who was never there’s guilt and now she’s some model who dated Sam Ronson’s brother Mark, who DJs, Models and gets naked in magazines, and these are the pictures…because rich sluts with daddy issues are my porn and I wonder if Gavin Rossdale can separate himself from the fact that he is her dad, since he had no problem separating himself from being her dad her entire life, and take in how solid them tits are.

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