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George Lucas Hates the New Star Wars of the Day

Here’s some George Lucas from 6 days ago talking about his break up with Star Wars, how he hates the direction Disney took with it, but how the 4 billion dollars he sold it for, has been added to the other billions of dollars he made with it, in what has been able to distract from their approach.

I didn’t watch the interview from Charlie Rose 6 days ago, but I do believe that it’s hard to sell off your project you’re emotionally attached to, when you’re not Jewish.

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George Lucas and His Jungle Fever Tits of the Day

Who knew George Lucas got pussy….here I thought he was like all his Star Wars fan and unintentionally celibate, you know a bi-product of being into aliens and space travel and sci-fi, you know like he was the leader of the pack or some shit. Then I see these pictures of him with his girlfriend and her tits and not only does she have a pussy but that pussy is black pussy. Now that may not seem like an accomplishment to you, but I once heard some black guy talking about how black guys go for any white pussy, you know you can have an oversized sack of shit of a girl that you’d think no one in the world would want to fuck, but as long as she’s white there will be line up of brothers getting in line and taking a fucking number to get down with her, but black girls only go for a handful of white cock and that white cock has got to be pretty fucking substantial, you know rich or huge, or famous, or really good looking because they don’t waste time with average white guys since their penises don’t fit in and shit. I really wonder what attracted to her to him, maybe it was the little piece of movie history that his face is what the Ewok costume was modeled after….maybe he’s got a huge cock…but I’m going with it’s because he’s worth a fucking lot of money.

BONUS – Kelly Pickler also has Jungle Fever and went on a Fashion Show Date with Miss Africa USA proving that Idol Really Opened Her Up to Top Notch Celebrity Friendships….

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