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Georgina Baillie Does Lesbian Porn and Topless Pics of the Day

I don’t know if you punks know who Russel Brand is, but he is the male Amy Winehouse who hosted the MTV VMA’s, he was also in Saving Sarah Silverman, or whatever the fuck that movie was called, where he played some Tantric Sex obsessed rockstar. The dude was famous in the UK, worked at MTV, wrote a book about his heroin addiction and had a weekly radio show, that he kept up despite having moved to the USA or the land of opportunity as I like to call it, to pursue getting famous in another country.

A few weeks ago he called some British actor as a prank, told him he banged his grand daughter, a bitch named Georgine Baillie and ended up resigning from his radio show. It’s not like he actually needed the show, because he’s all American now, but there was still a huge over-reaction by the British and even by Georgina who said this:

“I’m thrilled because justice has been done…It’s despicable. Calling me that in public, not only does it damage my relationship with my granddad but it could permanently damage my life as well

So it brought me great pleasure to run into these pictures of her on another site, there’s a couple nude photoshoot photos and some screencaps of a lesbian orgy she was part of, because I guess this sexually liberated fat chick, doesn’t like people talking about fucking, she prefers them to watch….

Either way, check out the pics of this hypocritical vampire lookin’ cunt who was involved in getting Russel Brand’s show axed and leaving his 400,000 listeners forced to get their Brand fix by watching shitty Judd Apatow movies….

To See All the Pictures of This Weird Vampire Slut

Here’s the prank….

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