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Giada De Laurentiis Bikini of the Day

Giada De Laurentiis Tits Swimsuit

Giada De Laurentiis is a 48 year old Italian Chef from the food network…because the food network needed titties to keep things interesting…like other celebrity chefs, she was able to create an empire around her name because people at home want to be just like her…

So despite being old as fuck, she’s out there in bathing suit pics, like the young girls, because she knows a percentage of her audience are perverts who like bathing suit pics…

She comes from a rich family, she even uses her Grandfather on her mom’s side’s last name so that the people in Hollywood taking meetings with her know who she came from….

Dino De Laurentiis… a film producer nominated for 38 Academy Awards..for movies like Army of Darkness….and about 500 others…

So her tits, like all tits people seem to care about, come from money and fame before she even existed…and there’s nothing impressive in making a career from that…but being bold enough to wear a bikini at 100 years old…that’s impressive..I guess.

Giada De Laurentiis Tits Pussy Print Swimsuit


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Giada de Laurentiis in a Swimsuit of the Day

giada de laurentiis tits in a tight swimsuit

Giada de Laurentiis is the 48 year old FOOD CHANNEL host and chef you’ve jerked off to because you’re either into women int he kitchen, it’s porn to you, traditional gender roles and all that…or you’ve got mommy issues because your mom never took the time to cook for you, but rather just threw frozen burritos half warmed up at you because she was busy neglecting you, or maybe you have mommy issues because she was one of those valium popping perfect moms who had a meal on the table every meal for you, and took good care of you, because you were her little baby, and you have since never been able to find happiness again, because no one is as good as your momma was..

I don’t know your inner trauma that you may want to microdose LSD or MUSHROOMS because that’s what all the self help loving bros are doing…

But I do know that at 48, this Italian is still hot and that is offensive to everything I know in my core about how wrong this is….but Giada de Laurentiis is hot….and so is her cooking…when fresh out of the oven.

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I am – Giada De Laurentiis Paddle Surfs of the Day


Here’s some big breasted Food Network host named Giada De Laurentiis paddle surfing with her big breasts and a pair of shaping panties that most middle aged women like to squeeze themselves into to make their legs and asses look less sloppy than aging has made them. I am really against this paddle surfing shit, but I am willing to let it slide this time because Giada is an immigrant and immigrants never really know what’s up, they are just trying to fit in.There’s really nothing wrong with trying to fit in other than the fact that the people you are trying to impress are usually useless and only really care about themselves and won’t give you the time of day when you’re no longer the Big Breasted Food Network girl, but compromising yourself for those fleeting minutes of acceptance is okay, especially when it involves you showing off your vagina burger like it’s some kind of new recipe everyone’s gotta try.

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