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Giorgia Palmas Bikini Pictures of the Day

Her name is Giorgia Palmas and I have no fucking clue who she is, but she’s doing it in a bikini and that makes me more inclined to pretending I know who she is and asking her what she’s been up to in hopes of getting her number so that I can call her late at night when she’s unsuspecting to pant into the phone while jerking off, unfortunately I am more limp that the one-legged beggar down the street from me, so it’ll just be a whole lot of skin on skin rubbing with grunts of frustration in how much of a failure I am, and not a creepy cumming all over myself harassing phone call, but I guess you make do with the hand that you’re dealt or some shit.

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Giorgia Palmas in Bikini

I don’t like Italians only because of their gay little vespa scooters. That shit is so fucking homo that I can taste the cock while walking by the Vespa store near my my house. If you are wondering why I know what cock tastes like, it’s cuz I spent some time in prison. Either way, this bitch is some kinda famous in Italy – I don’t know what she does or how she does it, but I got no problem lookin at her ass while she’s doing it.

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