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Olivia WIlde’s Fat Ass in Latex Gloves of the Day

If you’re like me you love when a female doctor puts on her latex glove when you’ve gone in for a routine check up cuz you ass has been bleeding for 3 weeks and you think you are either dying or dead, because it means “FULL CHECK UP” and as uncomfortable as getting two fingers in my ass on a cold doctor’s table after bleeding out of my ass for 3 weeks is, I’m just happy the doctor’s got a pussy, cuz it is less homo if I get hard during the process, which I don’t, but also nice to get female attention from someone other than a 300 pound white trash wife, but mainly because women have easier fingers to handle…..

I guess other good memories that involve latex gloves is when you got with that germaphobe hooker who only gave handjobs with latex gloves and blowjobs with condoms on the day you realized that the Latex gloves were previously used on other clients giving you scabies that took 6 months to get rid of…..or the time you realized your college girlfriend had a latex allergy cuz her pussy swelled the fuck up and you jumped at the chance to raw dog her accidentally getting her pregnant before realizing she was some Christian who didn’t believe in abortion, forcing you to move and chance your name so that they can never come after you for child support or to call you dad…..

So we should thank Olivia Wilde, despite not knowing who she is, for bringing back all the great memories we’ve had with surgical gloves, latex, latex allergies and most important illegitimate children.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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