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Grace Elizabeth and Other Basic Mall Shopping Sluts and VS Spring Break Event of the DAy

I accidentally came across this Victoria’s Secret PINK model Grace Elizabeth….and decided to click the hashtag of the Victoria’s Secret PINK spring break party in Cancun, which to me was a weird place to run a promotion for Victoria’s Secret PINK, until remembering that Cancun is the hub for middle of the road, basic as fuck, mall shopping American college aged girls…who think VS PINK is awesome…they’d never be able to pull this off at some rich person destination, because rich people are too good for this minimum wage shopper shit….so it all makes sense…but it also makes for a pretty depressing spring break party, filled with girls trying to get free bikini bottoms and perfume or some shit….instead of doing Wet T-Shirt contests like they fucking should…it’s Spring Break…get lit and ratchet like my favorite – CARONA GIRL

What a garbage event…but this Grace Elizabeth is good….and that’s all I have to say about that…

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