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Tits at the Grammy’s of the Day

In very important news that isn’t important at all, but that the media tries to make you think is important, because they make money off this shit…The Grammy’s happened…

I have a celebrity blog, and didn’t realize that they were on, because Award shows don’t matter.

I can assure you that they had the least viewers they have ever had, people are busy living their life, and they can just scroll instagram to see who won, without sitting and committing to the bullshit, that is if thy even care…

Most people don’t listen to the shit radio music being nominated, and most people don’t care about the celebrities involved….myself included.

There was a time when Live Tweeting the shit could be a fun time, 10 years ago, when everyone would be at home on twitter watching the shit, helping me amass my insignificant following – no book deals here…

I would just live tweet it because I genuinely hated it, a masochist who puts himself through abuse to get the jokes no one finds funny out there.

I do really enjoy seeing the old school industry lose out, they are fucking snobs with superiority complexes who get all the money…

While the power is really going back to the people, finally…

So fuck the Grammy’s, they don’t matter. The people choosing the winners are all corrupt. It’s all attempts to get hype to sell ads against next year…where even less people will care.

It’s a good time to be alive.

Fuck the Grammys. Here are the tits. ….


Ashlee Simpson still alive

Grammys Tits Ashlee Simpson

Bebe Rexha looking like Beetlejuice in the face
Bebe Rexha Grammy Tits

Grammys Tits Bebe Rexha 6

Charli XCX Hard Nipples and Big Ol Unibrow
Grammys Tits Charli XcX

Ciara flashing her mom thighs
Grammys Tits Ciara

Dua Lipa big blue tits
Grammys Tits Dua Lipa

Janelle Monae Token Dark Skin Girl

Julianne Hough the bad Mormon not sticking to the MODEST IS HOTTEST motto
Grammys Tits Julianne Hough

No Neck Megan Trainor
Grammys Tits Megan Trainor

Miley Cyrus with the side boob
Grammys Tits Miley Cyrus

Nicole Scherzinger still attending awards she has no business being at
Grammys Tits Nicole Scherzinger


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The Grammy’s Happened of the Day

I don’t watch the Grammy’s but I do watch girls masturbate on snapchat…but I don’t limit it to snapchat…I also watch it on instagram messages, imessage, whats app….I don’t watch girls masturbate on webcam sites, I like shit to be a little more personal…you know “we started at tinder, or an instagram follow, now we are here”….you know the illusion that they don’t do this for everyone…and that’s probably what a lot of people are doing in this porno, self involved, social media, internet is dead, the government wants us all giving them all our life, time and information via facebook, no time for anything else…but as long as the selfie videos of vaginas continue, that’s a good thing…it’s like down with celebrity culture, we are the celebrities, we are the pornstars, everyone loves us…except me…no one likes me…

So the Grammy’s happened…and…I didn’t watch it..but it happened…

Katy Perry Tits..performed…

Nicole Scherzinger NIPPLES of the Day


Heidi Klum was there…so you know it’s music…

Britney Spears Got Some Tits….and and Old Fucking Face and I love her…


Lady Gaga Was There Attention seekign….

Rita Ora – See Through….


Charli XCX Silly T-Shirt…

Katy Perry Was There….because she is the Music Industry Puppet…


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Paris Hilton’s Pubic Hair for the Grammy Awards this Weekend of the Day

You can see Paris Hilton’s bush…or at least the top of it at some Grammy event..because it is the Grammys..

I have Two things to say about that…

First, I am a huge fan of pubic hair and I am very happy it is back in style. I will never understand dudes who have been brainwashed to think GROSS…and girls who cater to that…I just think they are robots who buy the bullshit society feeds them…and thanks to their mindless robot mentality…a billion dollar industry has been created around getting rid of bush…

That is not to say I won’t fuck a bald pussy, it is just to say the laser hair removal is attacking the bush…like it was Osama Bin Laden…and Bush wasn’t financing his army…that made no sense…but you get what I am saying and that is…that pussy needs to have the option to have a fashion accessory to give it personality….

Second, Paris Hilton didn’t grow out her bush to be like a fashion model…or awesome…she just did it to hide her herpes…

But whatever the reason…it’s still bush…and I am a fan…even when on Paris Hilton when Bush, like your ex-President is being used for evil…hidden agendas…

FOR EVERYTHING GRAMMY AWARDS RELATED – I’m Talking Red Carpet, Parties, Attention Whores and Famous WHores

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Some People at the Grammy Awards of the Day

The best thing about the Grammy Awards was not watching them. I admit that I used to find it entertaining to watch years ago. It was partially in hopes something crazy would happen, but that was because I had nothing better to do with myself, not that I do now, but I did have a TV with one TV Channel and that shit was all that was on….I also didn’t waste my days writing about these idiots, so now, I stay away from letting them pollute my downtime…It is also pretty obvious that it is just a bullshit marketing campaigns masked as an award show…but I did see Pink’s naked and dripping wet falling from the skylike she was in the circus and if she didn’t look like a dude, shit woulda been good enough to jerk of to…seriously whatever is going on here reminds me of when there was a fire drill when I was showering (it does happen sometimes) and I was forced to run outside naked with only enough time to grab my wife’s novelty sequined panties, which made for quite a scene when I realized my life wasn’t at risk and everyone in the building pointed and laughed, only I’m substantially less muscular and have better cleavage but here are some of the other sluts who attented the shit…and if you’re expecting these to turn you on, you’re wasting your fucking time, and you’re better off going to a pornsite or a stripclub cuz this shit is boring…but here they are anyway….cuz

Marisa Miller was Boring Doing Her One Pose that She Always Does cuz She is a One Trick Pony….

Kayley Cuoco Killed John Ritter…..and Now She Killed the Red Carpet….

Olivia Munn’s Quest to be Famous is Finally Getting Her Botttom Feeding Ass to Award Shows…Bottom Feeding to the Fucking Top…

Heidi Klum Brought Some Interracial Erotica with Her….

I’d Still Fuck Fergie…I Don’t Care How Big Her Cock Is…I Can Take It…

The Pants on the Ground Dude was Invited Proving that American Idol is a big fucking deal or that the Grammy Awards Aren’t….

The Situation Had the Hottest Tits of the Night….

Overall, it loked like a seriosuly shitty night….thank god I am too insignificant to get invited to these events….

Pics via Fame
Pics via Bauer

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I am – Live Blogging The Grammy’s of the Day

8 pm – Frank Sinatra opens the ceremony even though he’s dead. Then Alicia Keys starts singing with him and telling him to “take over Frank” and to “Sing it Frank” all even though motherfucker is dead. I always get creeped the fuck out when people do performances with dead people. It reminds me of some kind of horror movie where I expect the motherfucker to climb out of the screen and eat her brain, at least that’s what I wish would happen because it would have made a lot more sense and been a lot more entertaining that seeing Alicia Keys sing to some giant TV screen, like the time I used to watch porn and try to direct it by yelling at the whores on my screen. They never really listened but at least they weren’t dead people, just dead on the inside, but that’s why they got into porn to begin with.

Either way, I think this shit is about as tasteless and offensive as it gets…I guess her tits busting out of her dress make it easier to stomach.

8:06 pm – Carrie Underwood is performing in some shorts showing off her legs – I just can’t focus because she has some STOMP shit going on in the background where these assholes are smashing random garbage with metal pipes. I guess that’s how you make music when you’re poor, not that Carrie Underwood is poor, but I am sure she was and this is something she learned out on the field when her parents couldn’t hook her up with real toys and just gave her rocks and a piece of sheet metal. She’s got a whole lot of sock on, unless those are boots. I feel like I am a strip show where the strippers don’t strip…but sing stupid overplayed songs with leg warmers on.

8:10 pm – Prince presents best RNB Perfromance to Alicia Keys and looks like her could climb up her like it was a Jungle Gym. I am not just saying that cuz she’s black. You racist. Jungles are for everyone….

8:20 pm – Rihanna’s performance got opened by some Different World Dwayne Wayne shit I didn’t understand because I was in the kitchen trying to make a sandwich with old chicken bologna I bought on sale for 75 cents. I’d Still fuck the fat off those chicken legs…even if she does lame medley’s of her top songs because that just means she’s trying to keep everyone happy and that means she’s the kind of girl who likes to satisfy her man to get what she wants. Just ask Jay z. Please just stop the music this performance sucked

8:25 pm – Tom Hanks is talking some Beatles shit that I assume is the Cirque du Soliel from the Vegas show. The thing I like about the Cirque du Soliel is that the founder was some street performing addict in Montreal who got organized with his freaky friends and put on what’s become the biggest deal in circuses. I’ve never seen one but I do know that dude now throws the craziest drug fueled parties in his Montreal mansion and his baby momma is some ex model addicted to coke who fucks the world. True story – it’s local gossip. I hope he doesn’t get mad and send his acrobats on me. I can’t deal with seeing weirdos cartwheeling me to my death before turning into human pretzels and backflipping out of my shitty apartment….

8:30 pm – This young dude from that movie where Marliyn Manson’s 19 year old wife sings like a clown is in is doing a Beatles performance. This black dude can sing and needs to get signed onto a label to do some kind of gangster rap shit….like the next Akon. Sure beats singing around the camp fire back in Africa or an Oil Drum fire back home in the projects….

8:45 pm – Kanye is performing with Daft Punk. I used to listen to Daft Punk in the 90s. He’s wearing some weird glowing glasses and weird glowing hoody basically ripping off the Daft Punk concert I happened to walk into last summer because someone gave me free tickets…..Oh now Daft punk is wearing their Tron suits they wore at their concert. I guess you gotta give Kanye credit for trying to tap into the hipster dance market. I don’t see why this is supposed to be so emotionally charged. We get it his mom died. Get over it people.

Now he’s singing some tribute to his mom…shouldn’t he save this shit for the privacy of his own home or something, or maybe her funeral ceremony from months ago. I don’t want to see people singing to dead relatives…this is some ceremonial shit that should be for friends and family, not the world because last time I checked I don’t give a fuck about Kanye or his losses. It’s nice to see that he has Mama shaved into his head. I feel like his mom died as a PR move for him….to get him this kind of publicity so that he could milk this Mama shit……The girl who auditioned for American Idol who’s dad died the day before was better than this…

8:52 pm – Kanye hour is finally over and now Fergie is singing what must be a theme song to a straight to video Disney spinoff movie or some shit. It’s a disaster but not as much of a disaster as her face…..that was a weak joke…but the Grammy’s stole my soul so with no soul comes no jokes. Deal with it.

8:58 pm – I am going to the bathroom and brought my computer with me. Aren’t you glad we got to share this moment together? I am but I don’t have a camera to show you what I made….

9:03 pm – Cher is presenting something and I think I just saw her testicles hanging off her chin…..So Here’s the Beyonce doing some kind of spoken word shit in a leotard showing some some pussy definition….talking about all kinds of black singers of all time for black history month…this is too art faggy for me.

9:05 pm – Boom there’s Tina Turner…..she’s got a cool voice….and by cool voice I mean nipples that pierce through her metallic top harder than her old lady’s heart is working to keep her from falling over….Now she’s performing with Beyonce and her annoying spoken word art fag voice….if only Ike was still alive to beat her the fuck up now….Beyonce looks like she ate Tina Turner…even at 65 Tina is still has more sex appeal and talent than Beyonce. Beyonce’s fatness is all out of breath struggling to keep up with Tina…this is hysterical…..This is like having a 2 on 1 with your wife with your friend who has a dick double your size…it’s like deliberately embarrassing your sub-par self like you’re on some kind of suicide mission…So it turns out Tina can’t kick – but it’s funny to watch.

9:21 pm – The Foo Fighters are performing outside for the people….and they just gave some no name asian with big tits the chance to play with them – a dream many of you may have but will never live out….because big breasted asians are hard to find….especially ones with an electric violin….

9:33 pm – George Lopez made an embarrassing Mexican for Vice President joke….and introduces some shitty country singer…this is the reason everyone says they hate country and Mexicans….thanks asshole….

9:40 pm – Kanye is doing some kind of speech about how he deserves the award and when he does his speech for his dead mom he demanded the music telling him to shut the fuck up be turned off because it would be in “good taste” or some shit. Shut the fuck up Kanye. No one cares about your bullshit sob story. We know you have an ego and think you’re the best because your mom coddled you or someshit but trying to make us feel guilty for not listening to you and wanting you off stage is a little fucking self-righteous. You should be using this venue to tell us all something interesting like about your sexual conquests on tour….because I know I like hearing about groupies….

9:43 pm – Aretha Franklin is singling some music for god…I find that shit inappropriate. Keep your religious views at home next to your chocolate, chips, cookies and cakes you fat pig. If I wanted to watch a fat chick sing, I’d just ask my wife to sing me happy birthday while stuffing her face with cake like she always does even when it’s no one’s birthday, bitch just loves cake….

9:57 pm – Canadian Feist bored me with her song that is on all kinds of commercials.

10:01 pm – Kid Rock is making inappropriate sex jokes with some grandmother Vaudeville lookin’ performer from the 50s, I guess after fucking Pamela Anderson, this is a step up because at least this bitch’s pussy has seen less hepatitis cock and her pussy is tighter….

10:15 pm – I am bored but Vince Gill just made fun of Kanye West after Alicia Keys performed in spandex with John Mayer who fucked Jessica Simpson – In Case you were wondering…

10:25 pm – I want to shoot myself and the song I am going to slowly and painfully die to is going to be Herbie Hancock and some weird China man and their orchestra…I guess that is slowly and painfully dying alone….

Wow – that bought them what felt like a lot of fucking time……I guess I am not very cultured to appreciate this. I seriously can’t stomach this kind of shit….whether these dudes are talent or not, they are boring the fuck out of me….

10:34 pm – Rihanna beat out Kanye and is walking Beyonce’s man on stage hand in hand, which is one step away from sucking his dick in the recording studio….Jay Z is telling her what to say because he pretty much owns this bitch. I think the funny thing about their dynamic is that Jay Z pretty much found his girlfriend’s replacement. He is responsible for making Beyonce pretty much obsolete….He brought her to fame after finding her in Barbados rolling around in the sand eating bananas, not because she’s black but because she’s tropical and people in the Caribbean love fruit. You’d fit in great, except for you being a fucking racist.

10:40 pm – I just farted. I hate fart jokes or talking about farting but I smell like death and feel like something inside me is dying…probably my liver…and I feel like sharing that with you because everyone else around me just cleared out of the room.

10:41 – Speaking of the smell of death – Amy winehouse is performing. They hyped this shit up hard – Her fake hair is on and she remembers the words this time. I don’t get this girl she’s a drug addict jew and sings like she’s a southern black girl…Maybe it’s some past life shit but maybe it’s because the jews were also oppressed by the white man…. I love how she’s singing out of the side of her mouth like some kind of cowboy chewing tobacco…I guess it’s her kind of tribute to her drug addict homie Heath Ledger….kinda like gangsters pouring some 40 on the sidewalk for their fallen brothers…

She’s singing her rehab song – because she’s ironic…I just wonder what she’s hiding up her skinny legs….She’s the classiest performer of the night and people love her. So fuck you to whoever said drugs are bad….apparently they win you some Grammy’s…..

10:48 pm – They are honoring Dorris Day. This is when I turn the fuckin’ TV off. Peace out Grammy Awards and all the depressing thoughts you made run through my head as I sit on my couch….ha Amy Winehouse won the grammy – she’s a superstar…..I hope she parties hard to celebrate that she proved addiction works for some people….

Now I am going to go drink the pain the Grammy’s brought to me life away…If you read all this, you are insane but I appreciate it because I’d never read this shit…..

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