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I am – David Beckham Feels Up Posh of the Day

David Beckham Groping Posh

I leave the site for a week and next thing I know there are pictures of little kids up on this shit wishing them happy fucking birthdays. Last I checked that shit would have been deleted from my inbox, even though it would have been the only email I’ve ever got since leaving. The reason being that I don’t have patience for kids. I don’t post pictures of people under 18 on the site and because this site is for perverts and people who want to see Britney in a bikini and not see some slut’s kid. The reason I call her a slut is because she let someone drop load in her and not because she says her son is training to be a pimp for wearing a pair of sunglasses. If that little bastard was training to be a pimp, he’d be hustlin the playground getting the he female friends to pull down their diapers for a cookie, sunglasses would be a secondary though.

Speaking of kids, here are some pictures of David Beckham giving Posh a little diddle like he was her dad, or some pervert babysitting her, or her gym teacher, soccer coach, uncle or neighbor. I don’t think he’s doing it to make her feel good, he’s just going for the cunt to prove he’s not a faggot. I guess he could also be making her her dick is well hidden so the public don’t catch on to his little secret, or maybe she really is a robot and has a cunt like Barbie.

Either way, I figured I’d chime in to say I am still alive. Nothing too exciting has happened on the trip yet. I did give my stepdaughter creative control and shit like that post may not be what you’re lookin for when you come here, but she is doing a better job than I would have been doing from an internet connection that costs me 20 dollars for 20 minutes…now go fuck yourselves and stop bothering me while I am trying to decompress….asshole…

With Love
Jesus Martinez
On Vacation….

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