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Gary Dourdan From CSI Gets Bikini Clad Pussy of the Day

The great thing about being the black guy all the white girls want to fuck from CSI is that all the white girls still want to fuck you when you are on the beach, especially when you are with some hot bodied bitch in her bikini, because girls are catty and competitive and want whatever the other girls want, or whatever the other girls have and they put up a fucking fight for the shit not caring if the bitch they are steppin up on is their best friend or not.

So if you want to have the best sex in your life, you need to hire a whore to follow you around all night, acting like you are sent from fucking god, so other girls jump in to try to win you away from the bitch, but that really only works if they recognize you from TV or are rich, because girls are groupies, and don’t fight for nobodies who have acne and smell like cum from all the chronic masturbation problem.

Here are the pics.

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Russell Brand’s Two Groupies Sneakin’ Out of His House Weirdness of the Day

Russell Brand is milking this fame shit by always rockin’ out with random groupies. These two girls I guess he was fucking in tandem, because that’s the power fame gives you, ran outside hiding under black robes to get something out of their car, because I am sure Brand has had his way with them from all fuckin’ angles.

I don’t have anything to really say about this, because who really cares. Girls are whores. Girls like famous dudes and why wouldn’t they. He’s got money, he’s not lookin’ for a wife, but they probably like giving him everything he wants in hopes that one day he’ll choose them and let them into his little world.

Who cares. Seriously. Why did I bother downloading these fucking pictures. Cropping them. Uploading them. When there’s nothing hot about them except whatever my imagination had lined up for them, but even that’s hard to pull off because all I see are their thick ankles, like we’re in some muslim country reporting the news in blackface….you like how I just tied that into an earlier post. Admit it was clever.

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