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CSI Guy and His Hot Girlfriend in her Bikini of the Day

Ewwwww Interracial kissing….I can’t believe this hasn’t been banned yet…you know that there aren’t laws about this shit…especially considering in some states you can’t fuck a woman up the ass legally, but it’s ok for a black man to kiss up on a girl who isn’t black…next thing you know they’re gonna have the right to ride in the back of the bus, or even have their own TV station.

The exerpt above was written by me in 1950, in a lot of ways, I predicted the future and my words should be seen as gospel and not smut….What it really comes down to is that girls love black dudes and black dudes love any girl who isn’t black so the whole thing makes perfect sense, especially when you give the dude some celebrity status, throw him on a TV show and make him okay to bring home to mom and dad and rich enough to pay child support after he deadbeat dads on her for new pussy, even when this pussy he’s already with is pretty fuckin’ substantial…

On a sidenote I know a married white woman who carries a picture of Gary Dourdan in her wallet cuz he’s her fuckin’ dream guy and good for him for breakin’ down barriers, it’s 2009 motherfuckers, the year to make some beige babies….

Here’s a video of what happened to a black dude riding with a white girl….

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Gary Dourdan From CSI Gets Bikini Clad Pussy of the Day

The great thing about being the black guy all the white girls want to fuck from CSI is that all the white girls still want to fuck you when you are on the beach, especially when you are with some hot bodied bitch in her bikini, because girls are catty and competitive and want whatever the other girls want, or whatever the other girls have and they put up a fucking fight for the shit not caring if the bitch they are steppin up on is their best friend or not.

So if you want to have the best sex in your life, you need to hire a whore to follow you around all night, acting like you are sent from fucking god, so other girls jump in to try to win you away from the bitch, but that really only works if they recognize you from TV or are rich, because girls are groupies, and don’t fight for nobodies who have acne and smell like cum from all the chronic masturbation problem.

Here are the pics.

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Maria Del Alamo and Gary Dourdan and the Beach of the Day

This girl’s face may be a little bullshit and I’m not just saying that becuase there’s some brown motherfuckin shit all up on it, I am saying that because she’s got the kind of nose that makes you think you’re jerking off to a caricature you bought on the boardwalk, but whatever the fuck is goin on with her body is pretty fuckin’ alright by me.

Her name is Maria, she’s trying to remind us of some new age West Side Story, when really all she is is the dude from CSI’s drug connect frontin as his love interest, because it makes things less suspect. I’m onto you, when really I’d just want to be cumming on you. Word.

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Gary Dourdan from CSI Gets a Lap Dance of the Day

Gary Dourdan is some CSI actor who was a guest on some show called Chiambretti Night out of Italy. Shit in Europe looks a lot more fun than shit in America, I mean they are known to be more open with nudity and sex where America is more open with guns and murder, and sure American TV’s got some hot pussy like Ryan Seacrest, but there’s just never enough half naked lap dances on the shit to make it worth my time, I guess I’ll just have to keep my poverty strip club with the ugliest fucking strippers around for that, not that I’ve gone to a fucking strip club in the last 6 months, which is pretty depressing because there was a time I was going daily, but I guess it’s all because of the economic crisis, that is my wife refusing to give me more than 20 dollars. I’ve already written too much about this so check out the pics.

Here’s a video of him doing a dance on the show, since I can’t find the lap dance video…it’s like they’re at a bad fucking club and the whole thing is fucking strange.

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