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Gwen Stefani Holding a Mic Like a Cock – Someone MEME This of the Day

Gwen Stefani performs at President Obama's last State Dinner

I am a very basic human being, it doesn’t take much to entertain me, and although I don’t like MEMEs, I wish I was good at MEMEs, but I can barely write a blog, upload images, and check emails…I am just not cut out for the digital world…even after 12-13 years of doing this…I don’t have the skills necessary to turn this into what I want it to be….and that’s her holding a cock..because…I am basic..and it doesn’t take much to entertain me…her facial expression perfect…for cock…but really when is a facial expression not perfect for cock….am I right…I am right…

These are from Obama’s state dinner….which makes them better to put dicks in…presidential…

Gwen Stefani performs at President Obama's last State Dinner

Gwen Stefani performs at President Obama's last State Dinner


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Gwen Stefani and Sarah Hyland for Cosmo of the Day


Gwen Stefani and Sarah Hyland did Cosmo. They probably have nothing to do with one another….but they are in the same issue…so maybe that means they are Cosmo issue sisters…if that is a thing…which I doubt it is, but should be…

Now, I don’t know what the fuck I am talking about, or why, I just know that Cosmo teaches young girls how to fuck, because instead of it’s intended purpose of being an opinion magazine, it became smut in the 70s, which snowballed while teaching girls how to snowball…

That said, Here’s Gwen Stefani:

And Here’s Sarah Hyland:

Don’t ask me why, because I am so not interested in this for so many reasons….let me list 10 of them…

1- I didn’t like Gwen Stefani when she was young and famous, I thought she was a man.
2- I have never seen an episode of modern family.
3- Sarah Hyland creeps me the fuck out with her weird underdeveloped tween face
4- Sarah Hyland gets restraining orders, I hate girls like that
5- Gwen Stefani’s husband fucks me, so maybe he thought she was a man too.
6- These pics aren’t spread eagled or lesbian sex filled
7- fuck this top 10 list….up the ass like it was Gwen Stefani’s husband.

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