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Haley Joel Osment in a Bikini of the Day

Whilst watching the Bruce Willis roast on the internet for no reason other than the hole I stick my tongue in wanted to watch it, I was reminded a few things…and they were that Bruce Willis’ ugly daughters all look worth fucking, despite being ugly…that the female comic with her tits out flashing her pussy in panties was vulgar and I hate when women comics reduce themselves to vulgar pussy and fuck jokes…it reminds me of the worst kinds of loud drunk girls at the bar…and most importantly the ones who don’t actually fuck….like they say they do….I was also appreciated that Gordon Jordan Levitt was called a Lesbian going to Prom, probably from Jeff Ross who was good….because that’s what he looked like…and that Ed Norton did what I considered actual funny comedy…something that felt pretty brilliant…but most importantly that Hailey Joel Osment had a sex change when he turned 18, became Emily Osment, and here he/she is doing the Bruce Jenner in a bikini since girls have it easier that post-pubescent once cute, Hollywood pedophile bait…..that no longer have the appeal for that pedo ring.

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Haley Joel Osement Pretending To Have His Period of the Day


I don’t know if you remember the “I see dead people’ kid who I think was even nominated for an Academy Award….who for at least a year or two was celebrated in the movie business by being in all kinds of movies…only to have hit puberty and fallen off the map…like so many childstars before him…because cute can turn to weirdo ugly real fast…

Well, I have this theory that he got a sex change when he hit 18, because he knew that if his tits were big enough, or if he posted enough bikini pics, dudes would care about him…as a her…

You see, tits get hits…so he rebranded himself as EMILY and now he’s pretending he has his period..because as a trained actor from a young age…he knows how to commit to a character….his parents beat it into him when they secured his first gig…

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