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Haley Joel Osment Titties of the Day


No one likes my joke that Haley Joel Osment is his now more successful, despite not being Oscar nominated, but still working, sister….

No one thinks a good tranny to get famous like Bruce Jenner idea which would make sense, a rich 18 year old gets no castings, what’s a boy to do after tasting that fame and feeling really talented in the space, left to his own devices…he gets breast implants, grows his hair, tucks his dick and reinvents his goddamn self….it makes perfect sense…especially since this one flaunts them tits every chance she gets….

It’s probably because no one reads anything I write….although, I did match with a tranny on tinder last night and I kept asking about IT’s uterus…which apparently upset the tranny knowing he’ll never have a uterus….it was pretty good times….without having to leave the comfort of my own pissed stained couch…

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Haley Joel Osment, the Original Bruce Jenner, Tits of the Day


I have an ongoing joke, with myself, because no one listens to me, and I talk to myself, that Haley Joel Osment, the star from The Sixth Sense, who I think was even Oscar Nominated, has gone on to become a woman, like Bruce Jenner, without all the marketing around it, because he was clever enough to realize no one cared about an awkward teenage boy, and but everyone cares about teenage girls, revealing himself as his “sister”…whatever the fuck her name is…who has gone onto have a solid career…and tits…really solid tits…

It’s really a funny joke, to me..for myself..because no one listen to me and I talk to myself…

So you just won’t get it…

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Haley Joel Osment’s Breast Implants of the Day

I have this theory that Haley Joel Osment, who was oscar nominated at least once pre-puberty, didn’t like that no one cared about him after puberty, because he looked like some awkward cartoon character/retard, so he got a sex change, some tits and re-branded himself as Emily Osment, getting cast on some show…because people like girls better than boys…

He now She is up on some Bruce Jenner, his wife stole his balls and the girls got all the attention for being girls, this will make a good publicity stunt, because we are so fucking rich…I’ve lost my mind and that’s ok….

And here she is showing tit…

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Haley Joel Osment Has Titties of the Day

For those of you who don’t read the site, I have a theory that Haley Joel Osment has re-purposed himself as Emily Osment, because awkward child stars, who were Oscar Nominated, and loved the attention and praise at a young age, who got awkward and lost the praise by puberty, can be cleaver enough to know that as long as they have tits, a face and dick don’t matter…cuz guys will become fans, they will masturbate to your picture, and you’ll be back in the game, like you never got awkward…

I could be wrong, but it’d be good if it was fact. It would make this girl’s story far more dramatic and worth noticing, something her cleavage makes me think she wants!!

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Haley Joel Osment’s Post Op Tranny Legs of the Day

Do you remember that creepy kid who was big in the 90s, who was Academy award nominated for the Sixth Sense or some Speilberg bullshit….well have you realized that he kinda dropped off the face of the industry after hitting puberty….and you haven’t really thought much of him since….well it turns out that he’s gone and got himself a sex change, got himself cast on Hannah Montana, and has developed a whole fan bases as this new character Emily Osment….you know reinvented himself….and now he’s turned to twitter to seduce the jailbait loving perverts that follow him….showing a little leg like he was seeing dead people….and the whole thing is too fucking weird for me to fully grasp…but I will post the pics for you tranny loving perverts.

I approve of this message:


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