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Equestrian of the Day

I am a big fan of equestrians. I think horses are some of the most majestic creatures and to see a woman with control and command of such an impressive beast, while having her cunt smash rhythmically against the saddle is just a wonderful thing to watch.

I love rodeo, show jumping, cowboy shit, just anything involving classy rich babes on horses, but I think today, I’ve just been introduced to the ultimate in horseback riding, the titty bounce that I guess you’d get on a bikini ride on the beach at the all-inclusive resort, but this is a bit more Mexican and thus a lot more fun.

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Miley Cyrus in Some Weird Horse Riding Photoshoot of the Day

The next time Miley goes horseback riding, she should do it bareback, you know without pants or underwear, because it’s the best way to leave her box bruised, chaffed and smelling like shit, I mean other than spending the afternoon in a meeting with a team of Disney execs who own that teenage snatch. I mean it’s not prositution when it’s a career more, or maybe it is. Well at least she gets paid well, I mean otherwise it’d just be fucking sick since she is only 16, and I am not trying to present her as a sexual object, that would be illegal and suicide for me, I’ll just let Disney continue to do that, but in her defense, 16 year old’s are usually past the handjob phase, and have thrown the panty-on rule out the window, and taking things to the next level, so in her defense she’s gotta get some fuckin’ love somewhere, it’s not like that guy she’s dating is giving it to her, because he’s gay and scared of vagina, no matter how many promises it makes to give him a career.

Here she is doing a photoshoot somewhere….

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