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Evan Rachel Wood Nude for ID Magazine of the Day

The only thing that makes a scrawny little red headed bitch hotter is knowing that Marilyn Manson got to her when she was barely 18, before she had a chance to not be tainted with weirdness. I’m sure dude’s a nice guy, but he coulda done us all a favor and at least waited til she was 25 and starting her decent into only busted bitch status before ruining her, I mean unless you’re into getting with Manson’s sloppy seconds, because for me shit’s a deal breaker. Not that I think he’s actually weird and goth, or that he actually even fucks women, because I know he’s just the dude from The Wonder Years, and this is all a fuckin’ act, he doesn’t actually fuck bitches with raw meat or dead people, but it’s still strange enough for me to not be able to see anything about her worth fuckin’.

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