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Jamie King Hard Nipples of the Day

Jamie King Hard Nipples

I don’t read celebrity gossip, which I assume seems crazy since I run a site that is 90 percent making fun of celebrities with all their latest content…and I agree it’s a fucking horrible Twilight Zone life I’ve built myself…because I fucking hate celebrity….they are all losers to me even if they are winning and to hear people actually interested in them is a source of great frustration now that I’ve punished myself posting their shit all these years.

When I started, It was like “this celeb is hot, look at her tits”…and traffic piled in, so I thought, what funnier than celeb gossip from someone who only cares about celeb tits, and even then, barely cares about celeb tits…

Celeb Gossip is smut, gaping asshole, double penetration, big black dick on tiny chick smut….just for a different audience….

Today….while my own asshole was gaping….thanks to eating COVID pizza last night….I saw a story about how Jamie King, HEROIN addict got a restraining order against her husband of 12 years….because they are getting divorced and I guess that’s a way to fuck him some how…even though the Hepatitis from her heroin days and the TRAUMA and annoyingness of being a heroin addict was probably punishment enough…then there’s the whole two kids together…that fucking sucks…

So coincidentally, not overly coincidentally she’s out with her hard nips that in the 90s were hot….because MILK that story with your low level fame….if you look close enough you can probably see Just Jared groupie-ing on her…because he’s a celebrity blogger so obsessed with celebrities that the celebrities let him in, at least the low levels like Jamie King….not that it matters…blog wars.


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Jamie King is Pantsless of the Day

Jamie King Pantsless

Jamie King posted up this racy picture of herself, because she’s just that kind of girl.

It has nothing to do with her being Martin Luther Kings’ illegit daughter. If anything that would make her cooler than she is.

I don’t know why I dislike her, but I do, even though she posts up pictures like this.

There is just something irritating and dick riding about her…a model turned actress who probably should have died in the late 90s as a model because her boyfriend and her were part of the Heroin chic look, but who instead moved to La to become a cheesy fuck who I think was on a tv show for a wild, before breeding, and I guess when pics like this happen, I shouldn’t hate on her for trying since she is bottomless in a censored Titty our shoot. Something I encourage all women to do, even the ones I dislike for no real reason since I don’t actually know them because I live in Canada and have no reason to know them….I just post their smut like it is important in an era where there is so much better smut to post being produced daily from idiots who don’t think they are important cuz they aren’t, and are trying to be important cuz that’s what the people want. A taste of hollywood so they can be Jamie King too….


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Jamie King in a Bathing Suit of the Day

Jamie King is in a bathing suit.

She’s a 40 year old model…who mattered when she was 18…and got naked before everyone got naked.

She’s now a 40 year old model…who we don’t need to see in a bathing suit, her old face lookin’ at us…like it’s trying to seduce us…

Maybe at 18, 3 fucking decades ago, this model look was a thing…and when an 18 year old is doing it…it’s like YES>..

But at 40….it’s fucking awkward as fuck…yet she’s doing it…because that’s how shamelessness works.



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Jaimie King Not Too Old or Too Mom Pussied to Do Lingerie Campaigns of the DAy

Jaimie King was a 15 year old model, who moved to NYC, developed a Heroin addiction, dealt with a boyfriend photographer who died of heroin related disease, and who went onto star in TV shows or movies that I can’t name because I don’t care.

She’s had a bunch of kids in the process…and hangs with all kinds of celebrities because she was a set of tits we jerked off to in the late 90s when celebrity and model titties were posted to weird thumbnail gallery sites and had seemingly more allure than the trashy porn chicks of the time…

That’s really the only reason i know she existed…modeling topless in an era when it mattered….

Well she’s still modeling, still out there, looking skinny, which is all that matters in an era of everyone being fat and lazy, mom or not, cuz it’s easier to eat the cake than to try to say no to it…

Fucked up world…now here’s a 40 year old in a lingerie shoot for a lingerie company for old times I guess.


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Jamie King Spreading Her Legs of the Day

Jamie King Spreading her Legs in a Swimsuit

Jamie King was some Heroin addict titty model who’s boyfriend died back when she was a heroin addict titty model..in the 90s when heroin addict titty models were a thing…

She was a “hipster it girl”…who somehow (her tits) went on to be some kind of celebrity in movies, but you can’t take the heroin addict sex worker out of a person’s core…they are built on that…it is their foundation.

Even as a mom pushing 40, she’s all spread legged wanting you to look at her soul, or try to see her womb, or get excited by her meaty lady parts….because when you’re a sex worker who has made it in whatever capacity this one has made it…y

I guess what it comes down to is – who the fuck cares about Jamie King.

Jamie King Spreading her Legs in a Swimsuit Covering her Pussy

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Jamie King Topless of the Day

Jamie King Topless Covering her Nipples

Here’s what I consider a some kind of throwback, or flashback, or reliving the glory days, tapping into some old behavior that I would have expected more of from Jamie King in her quest to becoming a celebrity…

Because she was once the nude hipster model in the late 90s…in an era before hipster were a thing and the mainstream Gap Shopper knew they existed, before it was all commercial and mainstream on instagram, when getting nude in shoots was edgy and hot, and worth jerking off to because it happened rarely…

And now she’s and actress mom in Hollywood no one cares about…no longer the heroin addict model getting naked…but that doesn’t mean she can’t semi get naked as a reminder of what was…and I approve nudity…even if it’s boring, repetitive, shameless, attention seeking, low level, not so mysterious….or exciting…I still love it…and would be happier if there was vagina lip up in here…

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Jamie King’s Hard Nipples of the Day

Jamie King Hard Nipples in a Tight White Sweater

The story is that ex Heroin Addict, who survived the heroin years, but her photographer boyfriend didn’t….Jamie King….a woman we’ve seen naked since the late 90s when she was probably 19 years old….was attacked by some 45 year old skater who smashed in her car windows…spraying glass all over her kid…probably one of her drug dealers from the 90s she owed money to….before she got all hollywood and forgot her crew….or who the fuck knows….or care….

What we do know about this is that her nipples were hard while chatting with the police, nervous, excited, turned on from the adrenaline….maybe just cold and scared…who knows…but hard nipples during conflict…that shit is magical…


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Jamie King See Through of the Day

Jamie King see through blue gown showing nude underwear

Seeing an ex heroin addict, hipster model from an era long ago, who was topless and naked often enough to appear on the early celebrity nudity thumbnail sites you probably jerked off to in the 90s….dressed like some Cinderella or Dorothy from Wizard of Oz in a mesh outfit wearing a bikini from the 1940s that is likely designed to hold her distended, prolapsed uterus from breeding in place….is far less erotic than her heroin addict, hipster model from an era long ago, when she was topless and naked often for art…

It’s like make it matter when you put on the mesh…and commit to the fabric by continuing the look with mesh underwear…

SHOW us that well traveled mom pussy….I think we deserve it as a group of perverts who like seeing model pussy age….so much we do comparative analysis of labia size when the opportunity arrises..

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Kristen Bell and Jaime King at Some Fanboys Event of the Day

Here are your two favorite things, blonde chicks with vaginas and Star Wars shit you wish had a vagina, because you love it so much you’d fuck it all night long if it did. It would also make your unhealthy obsession and masturbation to it make more sense to your friends and family, because right now they are a little concerned at how weird it’s got, you know the whole walking around in costume and getting caught in bed with your Wookie glove on. At least with female genitals attached, there’d be some hope.

In the event you didn’t know, these celebrity sluts are not at the event because they like Star Wars as much as you and they are not these super cool dreamgirls and I’m not talking Jennifer Hudson Dreamgirls, I’m talking chicks you can share Star Wars fantasies with and who will never get bored no matter how many hundreds of times you try to throw a Star Wars marathon in your mom’s basement. These girls will judge you based on the fact that you reenact the trilogy in front of the mirror in full costume, since along with pretty much every girl in the world, don’t get the appeal, it actually creeps them out and makes them want to exit any conversation you try to have with them the second you bring up anything socially awkward, virginal and Sci-Fi, like Star Wars. These girls are only at the event because they are getting paid.

But that doesn’t mean this photo-op is any less pornographic to you and your weird ways, because you don’t have to believe they don’t give a shit about nerds and Star Wars and shit, since they’ll never tell you that to your face, because you will never meet them, so let these pictures do whatever it is they do to you, imagine you getting manhandled by a furry creature, or even imagine that you were that fuckin’ furry creature, since they are just fucking pictures.

Either way, I guess this movie is finally coming out so you can finally feel like your life work and passion is validated, but realize that the whole point of it is to make fun of people like you and for the people who are already laughing at you, to laugh harder….

I feel like this is my second public service to socially awkward, sexually frustrated, weirdos. I should be treated like a god by you people. Raise a fucking statue in my honor or something already.

Here’s Kristen Bell….

And Jaime King….

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