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Jessica Sutta is Not That Great in Her Bikini, Good Thing You Don’t Know Who She Is of the Day

Her name is Jessica Sutta, you’ve probably never heard of her. She is an ex-Pussycat doll, who is now taking a shot at her own Solo career. You know up on some Beyonce shit, only the low budget version, because no one knows who the fuck Jessica Sutta is. More importantly, based on the way she looks, sloppy body, hard face and all. She’s probably pushing 40.

She is in Miami at the Ultra Music Festival, where she’s going to be premiering some of her life changing shitty club music, and obviously she took the opportunity to get some paparazzi bikini time, because what the fuck else is she gonna do to promote her senior citizen home tour.

Take what you can get and luckily, thanks to the bikini, I have no problem staring.


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Today’s Bikini Round-Up of the Day

So instead of doing a post on each of these bitches to link out to the sites that have the rights to post these pictures….cuz I sure as hell can’t afford to pay the paparazzi their outrageous prices for their shitty pictures….I decided to do a bikini round-up…..

So We’ve got Jessica Sutta, a Pussycat Doll with a Pussy Hugging bikini and some big stripper tits in Miami……Juliette Lewis in a bikini with hard nipples, looking like the crackwhore she’s become, old and tired…..in Mexico….cuz they have good drugs….and then there’s Paris Hilton….in Bali….who I was going to ignore cuz I feel we have the power to make her go away…..but posted anyway…cuz priviledged lives on vapid cunts is ok to watch when they are half named….

So here’s Jessica Sutta in her Bikini in Miami of the Day

To See The Rest of the Pics Jessica Sutta Pics…..

Here’s Juliette Lewis Crackwhore Bikini in Mexico of the Day

To See The Rest of the Pics

Here’s Paris Hilton…the fucking worst…. Bikini in Bali of the Day

To See The Rest of the Pics

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Jessica Sutta’s Tits in Australia of the Day

Here’s a Pussycat Doll, her name is Jessica Sutta and she’s arriving in Sydney for whatever award show is going down there. You may want to google it, since Australia award shows are your fuckin’ passion, but I’m not going to bother because I am lazy and figure if the Pussycat Dolls are there, I don’t really want to be.

She’s wearing some kind of sticker bra/pasties shit which makes no sense because she’s got implants and implants are the 5000 dollar bra that will save you money on bras pretty much paying for themself in the long run, I guess the only explanation is that she’s a cockteasin’ cunt.

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Jessica Sutta is a Lonely Pussycat Doll of the Day

Seeing a Pussycat Doll alone throws me off because I realize how ugly they are. It’s like having a threesome with two ugly chicks who combined with a willingness to suck your dick at the same time makes them worth getting hard for, or going to a stripclub on a night when all the girls are uglier than your wife but still worth getting a dance from just for the sake of grabbing new tits to add a new life to your relationship by making you happy your busted up soul mate shares a bed with you every night. Sure bitch is showing off her tight body from all her poledance classes in a pair of tight pants while pretty much posing in a way that makes her look ready and willing for cock, but without her sidekicks, she just looks like a drunk, horny, middle aged girl I’d still fuck when drunk and not so much like a popstar. The real issue is where the fuck the Pussycat Dolls recruit their talent, because it seems to be the same place I go to get laid if I’m willing to pay a little extra.

Either way, her name is Jessica Sutta and she’s in Miami at some music festival promoting something that may be a solo career, or maybe she’s just there to sit on the speaker while the bass is jacked up to remind her of the days she dated a dude with a motorcycle.

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