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I Fuckin’ Hate Lady Gaga of the Day

Here’s Lady Gaga and her busted up face walking around a UK TV show with her teacup, because she’s fucking obnoxious cunt who thinks she’s is an artist, interesting, of substance.

To prove she’s is a fake, she talks with her stupid fabricated voice about her weird gay club shows where she wore an Indian head dress, a bikini while lighting hairspray on fire and she calls it performing art, I call it fucking garbage that is pretending to be art, when I do stupid stunts for attention, it doesn’t really constitute as art, just because I say it is art. It remains stupid shit.

Art is when a homeless guy runs down the street after covering her face in “war paint” with his feces.

I love that she says that she is not inspired by anyone and that she is inspired to herself, that’s a fucking lie. That’s what try hards say so that we don’t catch on to their bullshit. So in a lot of ways, that’s her telling the world she’s fucking fake piece of shit.

Here is her disaster performance – I hope the end is fucking near for her – seriously – this is garbage….

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