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Josie Canseco’s Athlete Meets Stripper and They Bred Body of the Day

Josie Canseco Bikini of the Day

Josie Canseco is a product of narcissism on the level of – she’s named after her father….

I assume her mother was a stripper where he was on a Farm Team before going Major League…who saw the opportunity and pulled his dick out and smeared his cum all up on her uterus during one of his lap dances….

The two merged genetically and created a rich, entitled, spoiled brat daughter of a super star athlete…with the attitude of a stripper, because daddy was on the road building up her daddy issues her whole life, and mommy between spending daddy’s money and popping pills would give her life advice that shaped who she is today….

And I think the shape of who she is today is pretty great…on some Giant Inflatable thing….in a bikini…looking fit and loving every second of the paparazzi up on her….

It’s good to be a hot rich daughter of a pro athelete…cuz athletes are half retards who don’t expect you to achieve much more than what this one is doing….A national Hero really…

Here’s more….fit as fuck…


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Jeremy Piven and Some Jose Canseco Ex Wife of the Day

Sloppy Seconds!! I guess what it comes down to is that everyone is sloppy seconds, shit just becomes weirder when the bitch is a divorcee, you know with their baggage, their kids, with their herpes Canseco brought home from Away Games. The only thing good about them is that they are so emotionally detached and like to fuck enough to call on you every couple of days to fill their 35 year old sexual peakin’ pussy, you know when they aren’t too busy fucking the 8 other dudes she’s got on the side, including the ex husband who she still sucks off when he drops off the kids after taking them for the weekend, because they’ve got history. Either way, based on her legs and pussy area, I’d get up on that like I was Jeremy Piven too.

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