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Katherine Kelly Lang in a Bikini of the Day

You can tell that this bitch is a mom, not because of the fact she’s with kids, because this camp councilor I knew was always around kids, and no one thought much of it, because he was a little socially awkward and seemed to find happiness in the innocence and simplicity of childhood, until one of his little buddies cried rape to his mom and the sick motherfucker who everyone thought was just a friendly giant, was in fact a child rapist and dude was sent off to jail, but you can tell she’s a mom in the way her ass seems be getting sucked in by the vaccuum that is her vagina.

Her name is Katherine Kelly Lang, she’s on a Soap Opera called The Bold and the Beautiful, it’s probably safe to assume you’ve jerked off to her before because you have limited channels and you don’t have a job and it’s the only thing on TV and bitch has been on this shit every day for the last 20 years, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t boring, even while showing off her mom body in Italy in a bikini, and no, that isn’t mean in the green bathing suit, I am so useless that even uselss Soap Stars don’t invite me on vacation with them….

As a sidenote, her husband is Stephen Baldwin’s manager, so they must be really really rich because I hear Baldwin only takes high paying jobs like Celebrity Apprentice, Jesse Stone: Night Passage, Earthstorm all while finding Jesus.

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I am – Katherine Kelly Lang Bikini Pics of the Day

Katherine Kelly Lang

Well, here’s a nice way to start off Friday morning. I don’t know who Katherine Kelly Lang is, but she is in St. Tropez, in a bikini, and when you get laid as little as you do, you should stop being picky and crying and take what you can get.

Speaking of crying, it seems we have a few cry baby readers out there who miss Jesus, and don’t like this or that about the site during his vacation. I dunno what to tell you guys honestly, and in the end, you should just take it up with Fatass when he gets home, cause while he’s on his cruise and cheating on my mother with hookers, I’m stuck in my hot sweaty bedroom on my summer vacation, writing this bullshit so all 7 of you have something to do at your desk instead of working. Trust me, there’s a lot better things I would like to be doing as well, but we’re all stuck here with each other, so let’s try and work together. It’s kinda like being stuck in a elevator with someone you hate and fucking them to make the most of the situation, you know?

In the end, judging by our traffic stats, we have still retained the same 7 readers that were here before he left, so I’m doing good so far I think and if you don’t like it, no one is forcing your virgin ass to read it either. If anything, that Homo comes back in a little over a week, so don’t get scared and until then just keep holding on to your teddy bear tightly and sucking your thumb.

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