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Kayslee Collins for Playboy of the Day

Kayslee Collins has only done playboy….

That’s the extent of who she is, what she’s accomplished with her big hipster tits I thought had purpose, drive and meaning…and that would eventually do something wonderful like promote skinny tea or start a bikini line….

But instead…those tits just waited two years to do PLAYBOY again….you know now that they do nudity again.

I am not a hater of Kayslee Collins, she looks good to me, but she’s a bit lazy if all she ever does is Playboy over and over when everyone knows PLAYBOY is lame and doesn’t fuckking matter, even with their going back to nudity that is on the instagram level of nudity….not very nude…of girls who we’ve seen more nude than this….

Weird world we live in…

Oh and SHE IS NOT EVEN NAKED…but she’s smoking, disgusting, what is this dog shit…fucking PLAYBOY sucks…

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Playboy Hipster Tits Kayslee Collins Not Naked of the Day


I know nothing about Kayslee Collins because she barely exists…

She’s an instagram model who isn’t even a good instagram model…but rather one who hangs out with the other instagram models and gets the trickle down affect of that friendship..

Like a bootleg version of the girls who hang with Taylor Swift…you know scaled back and limited to instagram..

Only unlike the other instagram models, she was getting naked in Playboy cybergirl shit, before deciding to go “hipster” model where she could go promote Skinny Fit Teas and other instagram shit….

So here she is in a hipster shoot, cuz she’s a model people…

She’s grey area slutty and provactive…but not the NAKED HIPSTER SHOOTS she’s done to get started in this bullshit, talentless, we get it you have tits, existence…

All these bitches are useless, but they think they matter, they are committed to thinking they matter….so let them exist…





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Kayslee Collins Nude Model of the Day


Kayslee Collins is some lower tiered aspiring model who I think has done Playboy, but I guess who hasn’t done Playboy really…

I think she’s lovely, despite probably having a horrible attitude…

Mainly because she’s all about that getting naked to get noticed life…it is magical..and I think I want to date her..

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Kayslee Collins is Amazing of the Day

Her name is Kayslee Collins, apparently she’s a Playboy Playmate for February, or from February, I can’tbe too sure because I lost interest in Playboy in the mid-90s, and then the day Playboy sold to Pornhub, I knew it was fucking over, even if they maintained their magazine rights, that for the last few years no one has cared about, but that recently has decided to hire better photographers and models to make it seem like more of a fashion magazine than smut….

But that’s not to say Kayslee Collins isn’t an angel sent from willing to get naked to promote herself heaven…

It’s just to say, who cares about playboy, it’s all about this Jonathan Leder produced for his Fetishism Manifesto skin mag, youtube video you can masturbate to.

So Get involved and support the people at IMPERIAL PUBLISHING so they continue to create amazing content for their Fetsihisms Manifesto

Here are some unrelated pictures by photographer @jackbell

She’s my newest crush…

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Kayslee Collins is Naked and Amazing for Fetishism Manifesto of the Day

My friend, who I consider one of the best erotic photographers of our generation, Jonathan Leder , and his team have put together a pretty amazing magazine that I’ve talked about a lot over the year, because I think it’s awesome, called FETISHISM MANIFESTOR /

He takes amazing models, some you’ve heard of, some you haven’t, all who are amazing, and he shoots them in what I like to think is a bit of a throwback to Playboy and Penthouse, when the porn and masturbation had some sort of vibe and concept and quality behind it, before the 80s when it became cheesy as fuck…

I find the whole thing hot and inspiring and exciting…it is fashion porn…it is girls I want to see naked, it is styled in interesting places…it is girls I want to see naked while naked being shot by a genius…naked….

This model is doing the rounds today. Her name is Kayslee Collins and I think she’s pretty fucking spectacular.

Apparently she makes music, but more interesting to the perverts, she may have been a child star on some kids show, before becoming fucking awesome….and naked…

And here are a bunch of pics of her from the book….GET THE BOOK ….

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