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Kayslee Collins for Playboy of the Day

Kayslee Collins has only done playboy….

That’s the extent of who she is, what she’s accomplished with her big hipster tits I thought had purpose, drive and meaning…and that would eventually do something wonderful like promote skinny tea or start a bikini line….

But instead…those tits just waited two years to do PLAYBOY again….you know now that they do nudity again.

I am not a hater of Kayslee Collins, she looks good to me, but she’s a bit lazy if all she ever does is Playboy over and over when everyone knows PLAYBOY is lame and doesn’t fuckking matter, even with their going back to nudity that is on the instagram level of nudity….not very nude…of girls who we’ve seen more nude than this….

Weird world we live in…

Oh and SHE IS NOT EVEN NAKED…but she’s smoking, disgusting, what is this dog shit…fucking PLAYBOY sucks…

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