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Phoebe Price’s AMazing Bikini Pics of the Day

In my line of work, and yes we can all agree that this is hardly work, and sure it’s time consuming and I make millions upon millions of dollars…and meet so many amazing and high profile people without ever having to leave the house…but it’s something I do…and in what I do….getting an email with these pics from Phoebe Price herself…is like a priest getting a phonecall from the pope, or god, before being told to rape boys…it’s like getting a call from Elvis, it’s like getting a call from the President, well pre-Trump president, because they were less accessible…

What I am saying is that it is a HUGE fucking deal, even if Phoebe Price is not a huge deal, the reality is that she is to me. She was using the paparazzi to get in magazines before social media, and she made more of a name of herself than if she hadn’t, in what was clever and shameless marketing, that she continues doing, because we didn’t always live in a world of fame whores and attention seekers, there was a time when it was reserved for a select few….

Now you still may not know who Phoebe Price is, but I do, and she’s wonderful….fascinating, a cultural icon, a part of the zeitgeist that you don’t even know she’s part of because she’s just that good.

I am a fan in fact…I am a servant to her and her hustle….she’s ORIGINAL GANGSTER….but unfortunately she’s never released a sex tape for me to jerk off to..

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