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Kendall Jenner See Through of the Day

I think it’s safe to say that we all collectively wish Robert Kardashian, OJ’s friend and the accomplice in the Nicole Brown Murders, because he got rid of the evidence, followed his best friend who basically ruined his life, and did a little OJ himself…killing off the entire Kardashian clan, starting with his teen whore wife who left him for Bruce Jenner before he became a woman, and all of their kids…before killing himself…

I mean he died anyway, he might as well had done some good, rather than the evil legacy he leaves behind…

Instead we’re forced to look at their nipples..

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Kendall Jenner Panty Flash of the Day

Despite the wishes of her mom, the pimp who raised her to be the whore that she is, Kendall Jenner wore panties to flash the paparazzi.

Her mom / or one of her mom’s, the one with the dick turned into a pussy, was pushing for the no panties, but Kendall knew that just came from pussy envy, since he didn’t have a natural pussy, and if he did, he wouldn’t actually show it to everyone like his mangled dick, he would instead be secure in the pussy and keep it to himself….

The other mom just sees this as missed media opportunity, it’s like the time a dick needs to be thrown into the mix to fulfill the storyline she has crafted…but Kendall is rebelling, and we’ll just have to deal with PANTY flash.

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The Power Photo of the Week for Memorial Day Weekend of the Day

Here’s a casual picture posted by one of the three vapid cunts of the year, Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin and Bella Hadid – who has in recent years has replaced Gigi Hadid…and you know that this is some illuminati shit…where they are all collectively laughing at how they trolled the fuck out of the world, unless they are just the narcissists you’d expect them to be…who probably think this is less of a troll, and more recognition for their talent and hard work…despite all three of the rich ones, and their token..not having talent at all…

Interesting how these things work out when you’re already rich..but not that interesting…where’s the peeing in the shower, on each other’s faces…that’s what I want to see…..

So Edgy, crazy, wild and exciting for some really fucking boring – mainstream cunts…

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Kendall Jenner Bikinis in Cannes of the Day

I really have nothing interesting to say about Kendall Jenner, because Kendall Jenner is nothing interesting.

Exploited from a really young age, but at least she went into fashion / life of luxury because she was tall and skinny enough…even though I’d be more into her sex tape…

She’s got 81 million followers on Istagram, which is absurd, not so absurd in the world population…and most of it being spam bots from Russia….but that shit is nuts, she’s not going anywhere even if we collectively unfollowed, there would still be 50 million people still there waiting for her next bikini pic…so we’re stuck with her…

You have to give the mom and Ryan Seacrest some credit, I mean what they created is so weird…yet so relevant..and seeing her in a bikini….so overrated…but still top of the shitty family…and for that we don’t necessarily celebrate her…but we can look at the bikini for attention….the way they want us to…because we are all mindless slaves to this shit…

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Kendall Jenner in a Bathing Suit of the Day

Kendall Jenner’s Ass looks amazing…..

This is form some whoring she is doing for her own clothing collection that you know sells millions of dollars worth of China made, toxic, child labor shit no one needs…except maybe for that one piece with her ass out, that shit is what dreams are made of, inspiring, aspirational, selling me the dream…making me a believer…

I know she’s still a Kardashian, but this is what fit, young ass is supposed to be…and this is the way I want to see all girls always…you can’t hate them when they are in thong one pieces…you have to thank them knowing that young girls everywhere will now be ing thong one pieces…

The internet is…a wonderful thing.

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Kendall Jenner Face of the Day

I ate lunch next to Kendall Jenner once and she really wasn’t all that eventful, but it was possible that it wasn’t Kendall Jenner as I don’t wear glasses but need Glasses and it could have very likely been a skinny dude with long hair that people were swarming around and I just assumed it was Kendall Jenner, but I will say this.. she may not be all that exciting and her family must be taken out, but at least she’s the best they have to offer, she’s made a legitimate career out of it without having to be the whole to the dumpy sister, and really she’s done well for a girl with a dad who has serious fucking metal issues, so serious he cut his dick off…

Not everything has to be negative when looking at what represents all evil in the world, I mean just look at her face, that level of make-up is crazy….is that even Kendall…keep in mind we live in a world where movie make-up can make realistic zombies, there’s no reason why it can’t be used to make an average at best look radiant…I like the word radiant…I should use it more often..

Either way, here’s Kendall in Cannes, because she can’t let opportunity or exclusive events pass her by…so classy, so elegant…a lie

Where are the bikini pics….

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Kendall Jenner “Don’t Look at My Face Look at my Nipples” of the Day

Here are some pictures of Kendall Jenner – not at Cannes – saying “Don’t Look at My Face Look at my Nipples”…..

Because that’s what she’s about, and really I prefer her that way….and so does everyone else…tap into that family whoring gene, while leveraging it as high fashion not trashcan like the rest of them…

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Kendall Jenner Fakes Eating Shit on a Bike of the Day

Here’s a video of Kendall Jenner cock teasing harder than she’s ever attempted to cock tease which is pretty hard because she learned it from her dad, mother, half sister and everyone in her life that taught her what whoring is….

This is better than any of her nudes, any of her tit flashes, any of her nipples for high fashion or bikini / panty pics…better than any of her Calvins…

Whether it is terrible acting or not, Kendall Jenner falling off a bike is her most erotic work to date because it could have gone terribly wrong…and she could have been mutilated, noting her family plastic surgeon wouldn’t be able to fix…or better yet…paralyzed.

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Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid are on Vacation of the Day

In super important news – Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid are on vacation but making a work vacation but taking some slutty pics – for their social media because really these girls never stop working on their end, but are never workin to all of us, but the money they are getting makes it a fuck you all, stare at them in bikinis being slutty for Fyre Fest part two or some nonsense…they are getting paid for…boring and magic….that isn’t magical at all…it is a strategic pile of shit

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Kendall Jenner’s Anus and the Other Assholes Met Gala of the Day

It is a big day…The Met Gala happened, which I guess used to be some exclusive invite only thing, but now, you can attend if you have a certain level of instagram followers, because that’s how the world works…if people like your tits on the internet…come on it…

Everyone is scrambling to figure out what the people want, so that they can sell their bullshit to the people, and the “models” and “instagrammers” seen as the leaders or the “influencers”….are winning out and getting paid….

So this exclusive fundraiser for some Museum brings out all the whores excited to be part of something high end and exclusive, as it helps their profile grow…and makes them feel relevant.

While other actual celebs attend in stupid outfits because it’s fashion…

I figure it’d be a good target for some people who hate the American way….but instead the lame terrorists target innocent people, not the vapid cunts that ruin culture and are demons delivered to us by the anti-christ himself…representing all the deadly sins in one pair of soiled panties…of cum, desperation, greed, vanity and disppair…

Candice Swanepoel was there…Looking Pretty Trashy….but maybe I just hate when models become moms and showcase their milk filled tits after losing all the baby weight…yeah…I hate that…or it’s the eye makeup…

Adriana Lima Was there Falshing panties – because fuck it – she’s Adriana Lima and at this Stage in the Game – What’s Showing a Little Panty…

Hailee Steinfeld Brought out her Child Star No Longer a Child – LEGS.

Ellie Fanning Tits…..Creepy Child Star No LOnger a Child – TITS

Em Rat Cow was there – because if you fuck Ben Affleck and David Fincher to get into a movie, you are no longer a titty model, but instead someone paid to go to fashion events, despite being a great set of tits on a weird looking birdface – with zero interesting at all.


Cara Delevingne – Helmet Head….Robot…SO Future…Crying for Attention while being super exclusive…So Edgy, So relevant, So Now…So bullshit.

Brie Larson Big Tits….Pretending to be Hot….Not Hot…but won an Oscar so that ego’s pumping…thriving..

Gisele in a Dress….because she’s a lady…despite Tom Brady’s Homosexuality…She looks good.

Jessica Chastain Big Tits…


Blake Lively Hip to Waist Ratio….

Selena Gomez classy for a slut….exploited by her parents…to become this rehab rockin’ vixen…

HERE is the WEEKND Sticking His Face in her Tits

Kate Hudson Booty….because it may be an old weathered mom…but it’s still a rich kid celebrity child…


Emma Roberts in a Tight Dress…so Skinny Bitch Looks like a Bobble Head..

Kendall and Kylie because they are fashion…they are the fashion industry…trash….but fashion…showing ass…

Bella and Gigi Hadid….because they are the bootleg JENNERS.

Rihanna Looking Crazy Issue….


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Kendall Jenner’s Instagram Fashion Shoot of the Day

Kendall Jenner is slutting it up on social media, but not with selfies of her asshole like you’d expect her family to slut up on social media but rather with some fashionable toplessness because Kendall Jenner is a lady, a very rich lady and a TV star turned Model, turned Instagram star that pushes product because people are obsessed with her….all while being not that cute, but marketing, goes a long away – and I am just happy she’s not 300 pounds, because when a rich girl who got a career handed to her thanks to her shitty family, becomes a “model”…it is important to me that she’s skinny like a model should be – because at least she’s trying, where as if she was just a fat slob, it’d be the ultimate fuck you…instead of the “I’ll just take these opportunities that are handed to me”…something you can’t really get mad about, but you can write letters to brands in protest about, but no one will ever do that…you lazy fucks…that’s why these people keep getting rich…

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Kendall Jenner is the Empire State Building of the Day


You know a viral prank has gone too far, when the family, the worst, most vile and useless people, who just really understand marketing and manipulating the retard people into buying into their shit….

When girl is projected on the Empire State Building….like a bad horror movie, post apocalyptic, EVIL overlord type futuristic movie.

Shit is terrifying…but it is happening, and you are all allowing it.

She’s not even that hot…she’s a fucking monster…but not as much of a monster as her dad turned mom, or sisters, but she’s still not hot enough to be the fucking Empire State building, maybe inserting the Empire State Building in her ass in a video like she was KIM, but projected on it…that’s fucking setting up a target for pretty angry, uptight, fed up people…to do bad things to it….

Here’s that creepy KIM VS KYLIE picture going around to remind you that either these cunts are both created in the same plastic surgery lab…because they are half sisters and shouldn’t look this close together – or Kyle is one of Kim’s abortions that survived and they raised to be a merchant of evil selling product…to make the world a more and horrible place…

Some tits…

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Kendall Jenner – Butt Shot of the DAy

Kendall Jenner so shameless…going to parties in a thong because she’s confident in her ass…as a kardashian without the ARMENIAN DNA – she’s been trained to be shameless…and sure her ass is good…but that doesn’t matter – she’s a Kardashian and thus shit….

The only thing we can hope that comes from this, other than shit, because it is an ass, an ass that starves itself but knows all the ass tricks thanks to being raised by it…even her father got in on it when he was in the process of cutting off his dick…these people can make anything – hairy monster or not look fuckable…fucking witch doctors or sorcerers..

The only thing we can hope comes from this, is that all the lame followers she’s got – start wearing their thongs around to events…I feel like it will make more things interesting – whether it is CHURCH or whatever event…thongs make it better – and the asses don’t need to be injected, cool sculpted or trained…any ass will do…just as long as it is in a thong to stare at.

The world – is a weird place…


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Kendall Jenner’s Controversial Pepsi Ad of the Day

I think the biggest joke in this ad is that they are using Kendall Jenner and girl isn’t doing it for free, like she should be, according to me, because I understand there is value in using someone all the kids follow and who has positioned herself as relevant, but I think she wants it so bad, isn’t that hot, and the whole family disgusting, trashy, twats who shouldn’t be given money for anything due to their desperation and the fact that they do NOTHING…and have DONE nothing…and aren’t talented in anyway….it’s like “you wanna be in our ad, cool, but we aren’t paying you, we pay the professionals”….proving yet again that professional models don’t need much skill….

But people are mad because it mocks activism. It mocks black lives matter. The intent is to say “cops kill black people, but some rich cunt so detached from reality can hop into a protest and hand a cop a Pepsi, because she’s some rich cunt so detached from reality, and she didn’t really even want that Pepsi, she’s more a coke girl, but Pepsi are the one paying her so let’s pretend OK”…..

So rich vapid twat – detached from the world – hops into a protest from a BUSY photoshoot because that’s what defines Kendall…doing photoshoots…with some random activist…and within a minute she’s with the cops….knowing she’s more like them than these dirty activist weirdos..

Either way, activists are pretty upset about it. Talk about parodying what goes on the world, making it cheesy and a joke, using a joke of a model, whose career is very real, but still a joke….

It’s nice to see a rich kid, uneducated and unaffected, can mend the differences between cops and protestors…blacks being shot by cops….because she is the beacon of white gold…white hope..and can solve everything with a Pepsi.

The more absurd thing about this commercial isn’t the mocking of Black Lives Matter or the Women’s March, or really any anti-establishment commanding change event….it’s that this probably cost 10 million dollars to produce. 10 million dollars that could have been spent elsewhere on good.

I guess this is why COKE is the party drug of choice.

The only thing that would make this better, funnier, more powerful is if the cop shot her in the throat for being a fucking terrorist…

I guess this has been a success for Pepsi….people be talking.

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Kendall Jenner Gnarly Cameltoe and Paris Jackson Hard Pierced Nipples are BFF of the Day

Kendall Jenner and Paris Jackson are BFFs…obviously…

You know a couple fame whore spoiled bra rich kids who have nothing better to do than walk around with exposed body parts for attention – because both their fathers are/were freaks of nature…one dead from his insane drug addiction / the other dead because he chopped his dick off….both totally vapid and understanding of each other’s plight..and there for each other despite having no souls thanks to being raised how they were raised….even though I don’t know these twats…it’s pretty obvious…

BUT Maybe they aren’t friends at all…and it’s just Kendall’s gnarly camel toe and Paris’ nipples that are friends..as they are reduced to just that to me…the rest of them is just host body to carry their attention seeking body parts…despite having enough money to fuck off…they choose “take pics of me” narcissism…the kinds of girls who masturbate to pictures of themselves…the worst.

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