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Kidnapper of the Day

Here’s a sexy story of a Sex Offender who took a woman and her kid captive for a few days in her apartment . They met on New Years Eve and she escaped Monday. He made her lick the toilet seat and suck his toes and the whole thing is pretty fucking funny because when a bitch gives a man she just met and knows nothing about her key and allows him into her house where she lives with her kid, she kinda deserves what she gets, if anything they should give the dude a fucking medal for teaching the bitch a fucking lesson for putting her and her kid in danger…idiots…

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Jennifer Aniston is a Baby Thief of the Day

Someone call the police, check the missing person’s reports, issue an amber alert or some fucking shit, because Jennifer Aniston has finally taken what she thinks she deserves, but can’t manage to get on her own and that’s a baby.

I guess her hormones are all out of fucking wack, because everyone knows that a baby is the worst kind of STD that never seems to disappear. For 18 or more years, you have to put up with its bullshit, you have to compromise your busy schedule for it and the only joy it brings is when it sleeps over at a friends house, other than that, it’s some needy shit, like demanding food, clothing and shelter like it’s your fuckin’ job, without realizing that you made them, and they should go out there and beg for change on the street to contribute to the household, like your own little army of earners.

Either way, I just don’t get the appeal of breeding, I only think it’s cool when it’s teenage pregnancy, but that’s just because I am a pervert, I guess neither does any man who has been with Jennifer Aniston, like that Brad Pitt guy, he always refused and he was always convincing that he’d never have kids, oh, right…sucks to be Aniston, I guess.

Check out the guilt in her shifty eyes. She’s up to no good, I can tell…

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