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Laura Croft and Holly Madison are the Trashy Whores of the Day

I don’t know about these Playboy bitches. They all look like tacky strippers with fake tans, fake hair, fake tits, who I’d probably want to shoot myself in the dick if I was hanging with them in any other capacity than shoving my dick inside them…I can only imagine the things they like, the things they find cool, the things they find inspiring or interesting or even fashionable or nice, being some tedious shit that would make any sane person not distracted by their whoring, bottom feeding, thank god playboy isn’t classy, vaginas….want to rip his ears out…because eyes are good for looking at their text book, not quite authentic, but made up enough to make me think it is, sex appeal….cuz for some reason, cunts like this lure attention of men….despite how irritating everything about them is…there must be a science behind this that I’m not going to bother researching, but that I’ll just post the pics of instead….even though they need to be more naked…the stipper pole is a great touch though…fucking ridiculous…but guys love this hustle cuz it is everything their wive’s aren’t…

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Laura Croft Bikini Pictures of the Day

I don’t know who Laura Croft is, but I do know she’s got a shitty fucking porn name that matches her shitty fucking ass. I also know that she’s wearing a bikini, was a hooters girl, won the 2004 hooters pageant, is from Jacksonville Florida, clearly white trash, ended up in Playboy and her exit strategy from being a trashy, obvious, boring porno whore who doesn’t fuck on camera, but gets naked instead, is to become a personal trainer…shit, I guess I know a lot about this nobody…or at least I’d like to make you think I do…It’s all wikipedia baby…

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