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Lady Gaga When She Was Just a Normal Ugly Whore of the Day

I’ve been saying that Lady Gaga was a fucking scam from day one. I always knew she was just a girl working as an intern at a record company who wanted to be famous….so she did shitty MTV shows. Luckily for her, the label saw the hipster club kid homo crowd needed a mainstream icon to use. So they created her persona, her bullshit story, and capitalized on her insecurity to make her marketable., cuz no one gets famous doing the shit she does, there’s too much red tape and executives that would never buy into her and invest in her.

Every move she made was run by a board of old Jewish men and despite claim to being creative and creating all this, there is a total science behind her and her hit songs.

Unfortunately, even if her credibility is destroyed…it’s not going to stop her or her idiot loser fans cuz people seem to want to believe and like to believe because maybe it gives them hope or an icon in their follower lives.

Seriously, you gotta trust me cuz every Gaga type freak I’ve met at parties over the years has been too drugged out to ever have fame no matter how talented they are at singing, song writing, fashion design…..it takes millions of dollars to make someone famous and no one would put millions of dollars into the freakshow that Gaga is now or claims to have always been…it’s all a fucking lie…just ask New York city club kids from the last 5 years and they will confirm that this bitch was just a nobody who didn’t even go to their parties…who wasn’t in the art or music scene…she just popped out of no where playin make belief….

Hollywood and Entertainment Industry is all fucking lies and bullshit….seriously…

Yes – I know I linked this 2 weeks ago – I am a drunk and forgetful

Here are some pictures of Gaga the other day before her concert looking like total shit…even for Gaga who always looks like shit. I hope this fame thing eats her up and spits her up cuz she is garbage…..

Pics via Fame

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