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Linda Thompson Old Fucking Beach of the Day

Her name is Linda Thompson, I have no idea who she is and she’s doesn’t deserve me taking the time to research who she is, mainly cuz she’s old, and unlike the fat black guy at the concert I was at who was making out with a senior and smoking joints with her, cuz she was white and put out, I’m indifferent about the shit, especially when all she’s doing doing is wearing a sheer outfit with what must be a bikini under it….maybe if it was straight up old lady pussy exposed, cuz when people get older they are supposed to not care about what others think, and airing that shit out is key to a happy existence, for everyone forced to get within 10 feet of the bitch, I would have taken the time for her….but this no effort shit, deserves no efffort from me…you hear that Linda Thompson you dirty old lady….

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Brody Jenner’s Mom is a Whore of the Day

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she needs to let the fuck go and stop trying. The last drop of sex appeal dripped off her pussy years ago and now she is nothing but a dried up wasteland, but for some reason she just can’t accept that shit and sit back start knitting, you know letting her life leave the superficial, vain bullshit she’s been a part of for so long, Maybe her body brought her the good life years ago, back when she was nothing but an Olympic athlete groupie and not a piece of shit that was left in the sun too long to slowly rot and weather, and the real creepy thing in all this is that I’d totally go down on her for an hour at a time without fuckin’ question….and that weakness makes me hate myself more than I already do….

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