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Liverpool Fashion Week is Really Fashionable of the Day

I’ve been covering Liverpool Fashion Week because I find it funny, not because I think Liverpool is a fashion hub or because I am a fashionable person who cares about what’s going on in fashion and keeping up with what city is celebrating fashion any given week. I’ve been covering it because it’s a fucking joke.

It’s like a combination of all the fuckin’ trashy working class people who managed to make themselves relevant in the UK, coming out to compare their herpe scabs and no name outfits while chain smoking or some shit.

It is a fucking disaster and I love it.

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Some Sophie Anderton Almost Upskirt of the Day

Her name is Sophie Anderton, she was a coke addicted prostitute who did some modeling and reality TV work on the side. She dated Footballers, and did 8 balls, while sucking their balls, and getting them to pay her so she could ball.

This is her at Liverpool Fashion week almost showing her money maker, because in a workin’ class town, the highest profile celebs you can get to your event is usually the kind of girl you can pay to fuck. Liverpool is just upscale like that since fucking for free is for peasants at least that’s what whores like to believe….because no one like to admit they are trash.

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Liverpool Fashion Week Promo Pictures of the Day

When I saw these Liverpool Fashion Week promo pics I laughed. I thought it was a fucking joke. Not because I know much about fashion, and realize that Liverpool has never been known to be a fashion mecca, but because I know girls from Liverpool are fucking trash. I’m talking the fake tit party girls in dresses from the sex shop with dreams of being more than their soot-faced, potato eating, blue collar family who have worked at The Mill the last 3 generations or some shit.

But then I realized, that these tacky whores were actually famous sluts from the UK, one from Atomic Kitten, the other from Cornation Street and they don’t have names. They are just reppin’ their hometown and it’s quest to become the next instrumental thing in fashion, like it was instrumental in Rock and Roll with the whole Beatles thing coming out of there.

Either way, check out the trash.

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