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Lori Loughlin from Full House Showing Her Bra of the Day

Lori Loughlin was the hot aunt on Full House, a show we were forced to watch in the early 90s, thanks to not having access to as many channels as we have now, making this poorly written pile of shit show a success, that people are all emotionally attached to now, due to Nostalgia…even though it was actually shoved down our throats thanks to ABC…

Well, there’s been some buzz about the show coming back, not because Perez Hilton is paying Danny Tanner in a Toronto Production of Full House, thanks to him being a celebrity blogger, to get himself rich and famous, so that he can focus on his acting career he always wanted but was too ugly to have…and not because the Olsen Twins, who benefitted most from the show have come forward about Uncle Jesse and Bob Saget finger banging them while changing their diapers…but because they are doing a reunion show…

So the hot aunt, has no choice but to take advantage of the new interest in her, as her career never really got bigger or better than Full House…and she’d doing it by showing off her bra, that is only visible with flash, when it should be a sex tape, with the Olsen twins, or maybe Kimmy Gibbler, becauase Kimmy Gibbler was disgusting, almost unhuman looking…which would explain why she’s done so well being Lindsay Lohan…

I don’t know what I am talking about, but I’m glad you’re not reading it.


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Rebecca from Full House Doing Yoga Cameltoe of the Day

Why couldn’t these be pictures of Kimmy Gibbler? You know the disgusting neighbor from Full House who I always wondered what she looked like naked because I figured she put out based on the insecurities of being the ugliest bitch on the show.

I always wondered if her pussy was as vile as her face and if work in entertainment for someone so ugly eventually dry up forcing her to take on sucking my dick for coke, or would she end up like that ugly actors before her, who found a career being the ugly person in the movies like Rhea Perlman, the mom in Goonies and Hayden Panettiere…..

But instead these are pictures of Becky from Full House, the hot aunt we all wanted to fuck because that’s why they cast her, and sure wanting to fuck the hot chick is acceptable, despite being obvious, and despite actually fucking the hot chick is boring as fuck cuz hot chicks put in no effort as they know they are too hot to be fucking you, or passed out in the ditch and don’t know your dick is inside them, pretty much trying to overshadow my Kimmy Gibbler accessible pussy dreams, because accessible pussy try harder and appreciate that you are fucking them because if they were you, they wouldn’t be fucking themselves, even though you are fat, hairy, herpes ridden and stink…..

So despite how meaty and abused Becky from Full House’s pussy looks in these tight yoga pants…because she had to get famous somehow or maybe because she’s had kids….it’s still good enough for you TGIF watching perverts to relive the glory days of ’89 and jerk off to this shit….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Lori Loughlin Has a Full Ass in Her Pants of the Day

Her name is Lori Loughlin and she was the only chick on Full House worth fucking if you aren’t a pedophile or gay. She is proof that people in Hollywood make way too much fucking money because she’s out shopping for designer clothes with it because she hasn’t had work in the past 10 years. I guess she may have married rich or maybe she’s some stock market genius who made money off her Full House money, but none of that really matters because she looks pretty fuckin’ good for an old lady in tight pants and that’s all I have to say about that.

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