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Megan Fox and Her Keeper Get Lunch of the Day

These are some pictures of Brian Austin Green holding on to Megan Fox as fucking hard as he can. He can’t let her go as she is all he fucking has. He has spent many fucking years brainwashing the shit out of her, fucking with her self esteem, trying to make her think no other guy will love her as much as he will, and all that emotional abuse had paid off, because bitch is still by his fucking side, and I can only assume under his fucking spell/control, but every once in a while he has to make appearances with her to remind people she belongs to him and to remind people that he exists while making her think she is free to do anything she wants, as long as she doesn’t get out of his site, or else it’s back home in the cage he locks her up in….and none of that really matters because these are pics of Megan Fox and she has a cameltoe….even though I think she’s seriously over-rated…..

Pics via INF

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I am – Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie Have Lunch Together of the Day

Image Removed due to Papparazzi

Here are some pictures of Paris, Nicole and Paris’ sister no one cares about out for lunch together like this was 4 years ago. There was a time when these girls felt like they were on top of the world. They had their TV show and everyone was making a big deal about them. Now one of them is pregnant and the other is serial slut who no one will ever love because they just turn to her for bad sex and money and no one really gives a fuck about them, they’re washed up has beens, but the problem is that they haven’t been replaced and I’m excited for when they are because I need some new blood because it’s come to a point where thinking about either of them sexually is like thinking of your grandmother taking it up the ass, which is a good time, but still smells like shit….and not just any shit…old person shit.

It’s funny what a couple of years does to a person, it’s like riding high one day and in the gutter the next, that’s why I like to stay in the gutter because I don’t think I could handle that kind of disappointment. I guess what it comes down to is that everything always comes around full-circle and nothing in life is permanent, except maybe for AIDS.

I know whenever I see girls from my past I try to get them to show me their vaginas because it’s unnatural for a girl I’ve seen naked to be in my presence and not willing to get naked. If they don’t feel comfortable doing it, then I just keep on walkin’ like they are dead to me. The last time it happened, I ran into a girl i banged years ago on the street with her husband and kids and I said hi, moved in and said, so you gonna show me your pussy or what, I wanna see how it’s aged and she grabbed her kid and stormed off.

Either way, there was a time when these girls loved each other, then hated each other and now they are having lunch together while Stavros is out fuckin Mary Kate Olsen. I guess the rich kid drama will always go on and I feel like I’m watching a Cheers reunion special and Nicole Richie’s playing Norm. I wonder if Cheers jokes work, but I haven’t watched TV since their last episode, so it’s the only reunion special joke I’m packin’ and you’ve probably never seen an episode. I guess I really fucked this one up. It happens pretty much every post.

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I am – Ali Larter has Lunch of the Day


I know this Ali Larter bitch is pretty unimportant in the grand scheme of things, but then again so are most of the people I post about, she is just less important than the rest. She’s not in any major movies and hasn’t really done much with herself since the Whip Cream Bikini scene in Varsity blues, but she has taken her little tits to a place where people care to take pictures of her going to lunch, stuffing her face and pretending to be excited to see her friends.

I never linked incorporating food into sex. I always thought it was disgusting and I am a fat man who on the surface looks like I love eating. Reality is that I just don’t like moving and I like drinking beer, but that’s not the point, the point is that when my wife was about 50 pounds lighter and she was just starting to emotionally eat and pack on more weight than her natural slow metabolism and 2 kids had already packed on, she decided to be kinky. I remember walking into my apartment drunk one night and all I could smell was peanut butter. Bitch had smeared shit all over her pussy and tits in hopes of getting me to lick it up. I told her that the peanut butter trick was for lonely ladies with pet dogs and that she stank so bad I was going to throw up. We threw her in the shower and that was the last time she tried to bring food into the bedroom for sex, that didn’t stop her from eating chocolate, chips, cookies, burgers, pizza, cake and anything she can get her greasy fat hands in bed, but it did stop her from intentionally putting it on her lady parts for me to eat off.

Either way, I don’t even know if Ali Larter was the whip cream bikini bitch, I just ran with it and here are some pictures of Ali Larter having lunch, because I haven’t eaten anything yet today and watching her show off that she eats makes me jealous of her budget to go to restaurants while she’s more useless of a person than me.

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