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Sasha Grey for Rolling Stone of the Day

You gotta hand it to Sasha Grey. She was the obscure Goth girl in her highschool, who took everything a little too seriously and who decided to embrace fucking on camera and pushing the fucking limits while she was 18 and people wanted to see it. It brought her to the top of her industry, getting paid more than any other pornstar per scene, leaving all the cheesy industry people cofused as to why, all while taking a seemingly educated approach to it all, in some kind of rationalizing why she’s a whore. So despite having bush and not really having the porn look, but pushing the fucking limits and keeping porn interesting to people desensitized or looking for the next level shit, people who aren’t me because I get turned off with her porn almost immediately. I know girls who hate porn who love her, guys who are gay who love her, people who don’t like seeing a girl take on 14 black dicks, but for some reason respect her work and think she’s put the art back into fucking on camera.

So that’s brought her to the mainstream, staring in some movie about escorts as the lead a stepping stone to take over the fuckin’ world and it all started with a dick in her mouth on camera.

So girls, when I ask you to do porn for the site, realize it is in your best interest.

On a side note, how the fuck does Rolling Stone get away with publishing pictures like this, while I get rejected by advertisers everyday for posting the same kinda shit. Hypocrisy….

Here she is at the premiere of the movie….

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