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Marisa Tomei Ass in a See Through Dress

Marisa Tomei is wearing some see through dress with a pair of panty looking things exposed for the world to look at her ass…

Dressed like some kind of gymnast or figure skater only more of an old, weathered Hollywood slut….who’s tits we’ve been seeing in movies since the 90s, cuz she’s 90.

I don’t know if I’ve ever done a Marisa Tomei post in the last 15 years of the site, because that’s how relevant her career went, but clearly the token hispanic needed for the hispanic parts in the 90s….is still willing to put some effort into getting noticed and since hispanics age well, and hollywood muppets themselves with face injections, her ass is still worth looking at…unfortunately not spread like it once was on the casting couches that got her famous…but maybe at this age spread asses lack the appeal they once had…and are better kept in thick underwear looking things…

I guess the point of the story is that some things in life are constant…and thus comfortable…and thus possibly worth jerking off to because they are familiar..

Turns out she’s not hispanic but rich ITALIAN New York Brat…so here’s a workout video of hers as an apology for my confusing her with Rosie perez.


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Marisa Tomei is Naked in The Wrestler of the Day

(FULL MOVIE) The Wrestler (2008)Watch a funny movie here

Marisa Tomei plays the stripper girlfriend of washed up wrestler Mickey Rourke in a movie called The Wrestler. As a stripper she gets naked, as the girlfriend of Mickey Rourke she commits suicide. I don’t know if that’s the actual storyline, but I do know that her 44 year old body was pretty pissed off on set when Mickey Rourke’s face ate all the Botox.

These screencaps do nothing for me, but I think that’s just because I smell and I feel like shit, or maybe it’s because she’s old, she’s done and these are shitty quality. Whenever I am sick, I have trouble figuring these things out.

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I am – Marisa Tomei Topless in a New Movie of the Day


I came across this clip of Marisa Tomei Topless in a new movie. I don’t know when the fuck this is from, so it could be a new movie from 5 years ago, but I haven’t seen this clip before so I figured I’d post it because it’s new to me.

I have been trying to get my friends at the park to write for the site, some of these guys just sit around drinking all day with nowhere to go and nothing to do. I don’t want to out them on here individually, because I know you just care about tits, but one of the dudes is some paranoid schizophrenic who is heavily medicated to the point where you’d think dude was retarded. He just sits next to the bench on a motorized wheel chair scooter thing and yells at the squirrels, there’s another dude who is about 30 and always talks about when he fought in the Vietnam war, even though he wasn’t born when the war was going on and dude’s fucking Canadian, but he is convinced that he was there so I just listen to his war stories that I know he makes up. There another dude who is completely anti government, he talks all this political shit that I don’t really care about but when he goes off on how the government is watching him and has him probed and he starts having a fit jumping in the bushes and smashing his hand on the ground to get the chip they implanted out makes for a good fucking time. The last guy who is around the park and who is always fucked up on something is convinced that he is an amputee, even though he has both his legs and he tells me about the accident he had that took his leg away from him while walking around normally. I’ve tried to tell motherfucker that he’s walking around normally and they he has both his legs, but he won’t listen. There’s another dude who wears a snow suit all the time, even when it is 100 degrees, motherfucker stinks like shit and doesn’t talk much but I am sure he has a lot to say. He is the guy who always tries to break the law to get arrested because he can’t afford food and thinks of jail as a vacation….

Either way, none of that really matters, here’s that Tomei Tit clip from a movie that is new but probably from 5 years ago and is out on DVD. You’ve probably already rubbed one out to it, on pause, on slow motion and even in fastforward to see if you could cum that fast. When you are as lonely as you, masturbation takes on many different forms to keep shit interesting.. I get it.

This is the Streaming Clip

This is the link to Download the Clip

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