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Lohan’s New Marketing Campaign of the Day

She’s an actor. Maybe she’s not a very good actor, but an actor nonetheless. Actors lie. That’s what they are trained to do. They are also very image conscious and aware and every move they make is totally scripted, especially for someone who isn’t getting any work and who’s only opportunity to act is in their everyday life….

I am convinced she like the attention she’s getting. She probably finds it funny and found an angle. You know one of those don’t fight it, join it, cuz as more and more people talk about her dying or her fake feud with her father, who is just going along with the whole thing, the more people are saying the name “Lohan”….

I am a fan of her. I think she’s amazing. I would be friends with her if she ever dropped that deadweight cunt Samantha Ronson, and I think this is probably her best role yet, if I was the Academy Awards, she’d get best Oscar for her role in life.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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