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AnnaLynne McCord Booty of the Day

AnnaLynne McCord booty in a swimsuit

I don’t give a fuck about AnnaLynne McCord….at all. She’s so low on the totem pole of relevance…that she just doesn’t fucking matter on any level…even at her peak of relevance – 10 years ago – the show she was even a hit – a remake of 90s garbage that we were forced to watch cuz we only had 10 channels….you know the kind of smut designed to fill time now that there is constant time to fill in this digital world… 10 years ago….

A job she took to the top, tooj full advantage of, went everywhere she could go with it, and still rolling with it….


Here is her sister Rachel’s ass in a swimsuit for comparison

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Annalynne McCord Working The Camera Hard While it Still Cares About Her of the Day

I saw two sets of pictures from last night involving Annalynne McCord in two different dresses at two different events on two different red carpets . This bitch is really working the scene, going to as many events as possible, making as many appearances as possible, trying to be on as many red carpets as possible, trying to get in as many publicity pictures as possible cuz she probably realizes just how shitty her show is and how likely it is that she’ll get sent back home on the bus she came in on, with no money and minor fame that everyone will forget about in a few years.

Unfortunately, I know that this pig of a girl will find a way to stay in Hollywood even if she lost all she undeservedly has, holding onto the dream, so this lifestyle she works her ass off for by changing into different dresses like some kind of nutcase, is pretty much for life, even if she’s hanging on by a thread, she’ll find herself a rich enough husband or do whatever it takes, to hold onto this fucking moment and drag it on forever because this is her fucking dream and there’s no fucking around….

I just hope she goes to bed at night with anxiety miserable and exhausted from all the running around from event to event in fear of losing it all because if she is actually enjoying this and loving every minute of her bullshit grind that upsets me…..

Here She is with Her Latch on Sisters at Some Macy’s Party…..

Here is Annalynne Workin the Camera While the Camera Still Cares About Her at the Macy’s Party

And Here She Is Working the Camera While the Camera Still Cares ABout Her at the Variety Party. Same Night, Different Dress….

Pics via Fame and Bauer

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