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Amy Alexander and Michelle Bass are Topless Together of the Day

I don’t know when these pics were taken, I am useless like that. I am also useless in a lot of areas of my life, so I am just keeping it real. These girls are from Big Brother in the UK and I guess living in a house together offered them a lasting friendship that brings them to topless beaches with photographers in hopes of holding onto as much of the little fame they had for as long as they can. I guess getting topless when you have massive tits is a decent strategy that I can accept as a cry for attention that is a lot less cheesy than the two girls I saw last night grabbin at each other’s tits for their boyfriends to get horny over, but that’s just because they told me to fuck off when I tried to get involved and encouraged them to go down on each other in the middle of the dancefloor, that actually pissed the group off and made them stop what they were doing because they knew their antics lured in the creeps and by creeps I mean me.

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