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Sara McLean from Big Brother 2012 Giving Herself Cameltoe in a Bikini of the Day

Sara McLean Big Brother

I haven’t watched Big Brother pretty much ever. The whole concept gives me horrible anxiety, thinking about being held hostage in a house with the most horrible, yet dramatically interesting for the TV viewer people, only to be edited into storylines that make you look horrible…..and it is just not something I can support…especially since it is censored for primetime…if there was sleaze, toilet cams, fucking and masturbating…I’d be more inclined to think they were onto something…but every once in a while a girl like this Sara McLean comes along and jacks her bikini up her cunt on the show, and I have no choice but to appreciate the hard work everyone puts into this garbage show….

I know nothing about Sara McLean, but assume this post is a preview to her sex tape that she will be dropping as soon as Big Brother is over.


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Amy Alexander and Michelle Bass are Topless Together of the Day

I don’t know when these pics were taken, I am useless like that. I am also useless in a lot of areas of my life, so I am just keeping it real. These girls are from Big Brother in the UK and I guess living in a house together offered them a lasting friendship that brings them to topless beaches with photographers in hopes of holding onto as much of the little fame they had for as long as they can. I guess getting topless when you have massive tits is a decent strategy that I can accept as a cry for attention that is a lot less cheesy than the two girls I saw last night grabbin at each other’s tits for their boyfriends to get horny over, but that’s just because they told me to fuck off when I tried to get involved and encouraged them to go down on each other in the middle of the dancefloor, that actually pissed the group off and made them stop what they were doing because they knew their antics lured in the creeps and by creeps I mean me.

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I am – Amy Alexandra Topless of the Day

Amy Alexandra

My keeper (he’s been bankrolling my box) sent me alone on a weekend break from my paid vacation to LA. I spent it in San Diego because I like their beaches better than LA’s. Also, since I live in NY, I can’t afford to go to the Hamptons because sand and surf is for rich trust-fund fuckers and the cunts that spit them out, so San Diego was like a 48 hour beach-gasm.

I blacked out after getting drunk in the Gaslight District. I woke up in some blonde tattooed guy’s bed (not into blondes or tattoos). This happens alot. I patted myself on the back though because what i could see of his body was slender but toned and his face was cute. As I quietly gathered my clothes, I noticed a cape, helmet, and what can only be described as super-hero accessories in the corner.

Yeah… I fucked one of the virgin-basement dwellers in town for the Comic Convention. Good news for you: I might have fucked one of you readers. Bad news for you: by the time you get home, your mom will have turned your basement pad into a sewing room and moved your cum-stained mattress into the garage. You won’t care because you have a bunch of new shiny whatever-Man comics to read in between jacking off to these topless pictures of Amy Alexandra from UK Big Brother 8. Just don’t get your man-milk all over your new merchandise because it will decrease its value. No ebay buyer will want to pay $300 for your soiled comic book in 15 years.

Which ever one of you I fucked, kudos for breaking the mold: you were neither fat nor busted, rather svelt I might say. I don’t know how good you were, because I don’t remember.

Obediently yours,
Sugar Nell (ex-hooker, friend of Jesus)


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I am – Chanelle From Big Brother UK before she was Big Brother UK Famous of the Day


These Big Brother chicks are fucking crazy. I guess the producers of the show try to find the most obscure and slutty girls they can because they want people to tune in, so reality is that these pictures of a 19 year old on the show named Chanelle showing her box aren’t that much of a surprise. These were emailed into me and I have issues recognizing people so I don’t even know if this really is the same chick, but I am posting them anyway as a protest to every other blog and their fat Beyonce in a bikini pictures that I don’t really give a shit about because I don’t like fat chicks in bathing suits and bitch is already famous and has too much fucking money. I would rather help some poor British chick that obviously craves attention and probably has daddy issues and likes the thought of men jerkin off to her become a household name, because I’ve already seen her box and she’s just starting out.

I realized that I am pretty old and washed up. I went out drinking on Saturday night and met up with a guy who was already on a 2 day bender. I ended up crashing and burning and not remember anything that happened while he kept going strong well into last night while I was in bed by 9 while he was at the pool with chicks in their G-strings. If I was younger and more ambitious I probably would have been there by his side getting pics and trying to convince them to do a slutty photo shoot for the site since she’s already 3/4 naked, but instead I refused to leave the fucking house. I am starting to turn into you and that makes me sad.



Chanelle the Intro

Chanelle Butt Wiggle

Chanelle is Scared of Herpes

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I am – Jade Goody Nipples of the Day


This bitch’s name is Jade Goody and she’s a fat chick from big brother showing of her fat titties that she made at the all you can eat dessert bar, it only took her 14 years. Fuck implants. Eat cake.

I always wondered why every contestant of Big Brother was into flashing tit, cunt and whatever else they could after leaving the show and I think I figured it out. I had theories like the producers hypnotized them and that the producers gave them some kind of medication that fucked up their sense of shame because that would give the show higher ratings, but realized that it would be a hell of a lot more cost effective to just cast total sluts who have no issue showing their junk on TV. I guess another theory is that they thought Big Brother would be their big break and it’s only lead them to a taste of success and fame because as soon as the next season rolls out so do the old contestants. In this case bitch rolled out to the all you can eat buffet.

I have no real stories of sluts wanted to be famous right now, but I am feeling kinda too hungover to try to think back to pull out a decent story, so I’ll let this big momma’s breasts that can feed a nation with nipples are like a beer tap distract you from my shitty post.

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Foreign Big Brother Sex Scene

Picture 3.jpgPicture 2.jpgPicture 1.jpg

This is a clip from some foreign Big Brother. Don’t ask me what season or what country, cuz I don’t speak European. The clip is hysterical because it looks like the girl just propositions the guy to fuck, even though he’s dressed like a circus performer, but I guess it’s the whole “Last Man on Earth” scenario. Anyway, they go to the room, they try to set up a “Safety Wall” so that they aren’t spotted on camera, all while the camera man is zoomin up on them in all their glory, and by glory I mean disgustingness, but glory is a nicer word than disgustingness.

Watch the Video Here

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