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I am – Jade Goody Nipples of the Day


This bitch’s name is Jade Goody and she’s a fat chick from big brother showing of her fat titties that she made at the all you can eat dessert bar, it only took her 14 years. Fuck implants. Eat cake.

I always wondered why every contestant of Big Brother was into flashing tit, cunt and whatever else they could after leaving the show and I think I figured it out. I had theories like the producers hypnotized them and that the producers gave them some kind of medication that fucked up their sense of shame because that would give the show higher ratings, but realized that it would be a hell of a lot more cost effective to just cast total sluts who have no issue showing their junk on TV. I guess another theory is that they thought Big Brother would be their big break and it’s only lead them to a taste of success and fame because as soon as the next season rolls out so do the old contestants. In this case bitch rolled out to the all you can eat buffet.

I have no real stories of sluts wanted to be famous right now, but I am feeling kinda too hungover to try to think back to pull out a decent story, so I’ll let this big momma’s breasts that can feed a nation with nipples are like a beer tap distract you from my shitty post.

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  • mark

    man i love these pics 🙂

    they keep me cumming over and over 🙂

    she is so hot

    i love wanking over jade goody and always will